Eat an apple to gnaw to can nucleus poison?

Eat an apple to gnaw to can nucleus poison?

eat apple to gnaw nucleus can poison?

apple is the fruit most people eat every day. An apple a day keeps the doctor away from me, but you have to pay attention! Remember to spit out the core when eating the apple! There is a small amount of hydrocyanic acid in the apple kernel, which can cause dizziness, headache, breathing speed up and other symptoms when it gathers too much. If you chew the core when eating an apple, please remember to spit it out immediately. Spitting it out in time will not lead to poisoning.

researchers found that a large amount of hydrocyanic acid deposited in the body can lead to dizziness, headache, faster breathing rate and other symptoms, and coma may occur in severe cases. However, there is no need to worry too much. Hydrocyanic acid in Apple mainly exists in the core, but not in the pulp. What needs to be reminded is: when eating an apple, you are used to gnawing the core. Although it will not lead to poisoning immediately, it is not good for your health to eat it for a long time.

now people often complain & lt; There is no fruit flavor in eating fruit;, Because there are many fruits in the growth process, excessive use of growth promoting hormone, erythropoietin, expansin, or excessive use of preservatives in storage, or even use colorants, waxing, bleaching and dyeing in the sale, so as to meet the needs of consumers; The fruit depends on its appearance; These poisonous fruits have become a serious threat to people’s health. Excessive consumption of apples with expansin, erythropoietin and preservatives will damage the liver. From a nutritional point of view, you should choose to eat apple with skin, because apple skin contains more antioxidants than pulp. However, retail fruit vendors will coat apples with industrial paraffin wax to keep them hydrated and make them bright and attractive. So what if there’s wax on the apple skin?

in fact, there are three kinds of wax on the apple peel: the first is the natural fruit wax on the surface of the apple, which is a kind of lipid component and a plant protective layer formed on the surface of the apple. It can effectively prevent the invasion of external microorganisms, pesticides, etc. into the pulp and play a protective role, which does not need to be removed. The second one is the artificial edible wax added to some imported apples; Artificial fruit wax & quot; In fact, it is a kind of chitosan, which is mostly extracted from crabs, shells and other crustaceans. This substance itself is not harmful to the body, its main function is to keep apples fresh and prevent apples from rotting during long-distance transportation and long-term storage. To remove this layer of wax is also very simple, directly with hot water washing can be removed. The third is industrial wax, which contains mercury, lead may penetrate into the pulp through the peel, causing harm to the human body. Identification method is: wipe the peel surface with hand or napkin, if you can wipe off a layer of light red substance, it may be industrial wax.

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