Eat and you’ll be beautiful! 8 kinds of food to keep your face back to the clock

which diet is the most beneficial to your body? There is no doubt that eating five kinds of fruits and vegetables a day and deep sea fish twice a week is a healthy diet that most of us can accept. However, when it comes to what kind of food has a positive effect on our body, I’m afraid many people can’t answer.

research shows that many foods and condiments have amazing anti disease effects, including “diabetes”, heart disease and even cancer, including “natural enemies” in the field of food. In addition, there are many foods with strong anti-aging effect. Therefore, instead of taking a lot of nutrition pills every day and using multi-layer skin care products every day, it’s better to find the “golden key” in delicious and effective food to help you dial back the time clock.

the following list of the latest discovery of 8 kinds of common food with drug effect, let them quickly “enter” your kitchen!

1 grapes

you can not only enjoy the delicious, but also reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of heart disease“ The tongue twister “eat grape without spitting grape skin” is quite reasonable. Not only grape skin is rich in nutrients, but also grape seeds are good for antioxidation.

the researchers found that both grape skins and grape seeds reduced LDL cholesterol (about 9%) and blood pressure (about 5%). Grape polyphenols can also help blood vessels to maintain flexibility and elasticity, prevent premature hardening of blood vessels.

2 purple onion

allergic symptoms of tears cross flow make you think back cold? In order to avoid “tragedy” as much as possible, eat more purple onion! It is rich in quercetin, which can effectively control histamine release caused by allergy, so as to relieve allergic symptoms. Blueberry and purple onion have similar effects. If you can’t stand the smell of onion, you can mix blueberry into salad and prevent the deterioration of allergic symptoms.

in addition, bromelain in pineapple can help release quercetin, so the combination of pineapple and blueberry is a good “partner” against allergy.

3 pepper

Hillary Clinton used this as the opening line in a presidential candidate’s campaign speech: “I eat a lot of pepper. Pepper helps my body speed up its metabolism and keeps me energetic and healthy. Although Hillary didn’t laugh to the end, she did know the power of pepper. Capsaicin contained in capsicum is a natural anesthetic recognized by medical circles. Researchers at King’s University used capsaicin as a “pain killer” to control arthritis pain.

capsaicin can also resist tumor, prevent thrombosis and gastric ulcer. However, experts also remind us that if the stomach is not good, then it is better to stay away from pepper.

4 cantaloupe (Hami melon, melon)

vitamin A, C and β The rich content of carotene makes cantaloupe the first choice of skin care fruit for women who love beauty. Vitamin C helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin; Vitamin A can make the skin smooth; β Carotene is a natural “sunscreen” that prevents fine lines and spots from sunburn. Hami melon and melon, as the “brothers” of cantaloupe, have similar effects.

in addition, the antioxidants in these melons can also help our blood vessels “clear away” and prevent eye diseases such as macular degeneration or cataract.

5 black tea

drinking a few cups of black tea every day can effectively prevent dental plaque on teeth, and then prevent dental caries. The secret lies in tea polyphenols. Dental plaque can make teeth yellow and lead to periodontal disease. It is also related to vascular stenosis. Drink more black tea, but do not add milk and sugar, can help you have healthy teeth.

6 pomegranate

with the development of science and technology, the “super” antioxidant variety of pomegranate has been discovered. At the same time, it can also stimulate the human immune system and promote health.

another study found that pomegranate can neutralize breast cancer and prostate cancer cells, to a certain extent, play a role in reversing cell carcinogenesis. Pomegranate, like grapefruit, can also be used as medicine, so if you are taking a drug, you should ask your doctor in advance if you can take pomegranate.

7 July laurel

0001november laurel is usually added when stewing food. They will release six anti-inflammatory inhibitors named COX-2 in the soup.

in addition, laurel leaf also has medicinal value and can be used as a prescription drug for the treatment of arthritis. If you add bay leaves to your beef soup, don’t forget to take a few deep breaths to let the flavor of the soup seep into your body – it can treat migraine and has antibacterial effect.

sardine can

, stored in cans can be bone sardine, and bone consumption can prevent osteoporosis, and supplement calcium for the body. 90 grams of sardine can supplement us 70% of the daily calcium demand. The fresh sardine is rich in vitamin D, and a small portion of sardine can provide 75% of the vitamin D needed for a day.

of course, food is not a substitute for medicine. Food is just a supplement. Don’t overdo some food that you think is good for your health. Excessive intake of any food is harmful and unhelpful.

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