Eat donkey hide gelatin

for health preservation in winter

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Eat donkey hide gelatin for health preservation in winter; Donkeys are brown, black and white. Black is good for medicine& rdquo; Authentic donkey hide gelatin, pay attention to the use of black donkey skin, that is, black donkey, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, black color belongs to water, black into the kidney, black donkey skin nourishing kidney Yin effect is the strongest.

it is not only black donkey skin and dongashui that make Ejiao a national treasure, but also the time of making Ejiao怊 There is a record in Huangdi’s Canon of internal medicine: & lt; Yang in spring and summer, Yin in autumn and winter& rdquo; In a year’s time, the winter solstice is a good time to supplement. Winter solstice midnight, is also the best time to refine donkey hide gelatin. Take water from ajing with wooden bucket and carry it to the pot with shoulder pole. Donga water is called live water by the local people, and it is very good for making donkey hide gelatin. Holding the torch, Qin Yufeng went to the rubber refining pot and lit the mulberry wood under it. When the mulberry wood is burning with fire, the long winter is no longer cold.

how to eat donkey hide gelatin not fire?

some people are of yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity constitution. They can buy donkey hide gelatin and cook it by themselves. After eating, they begin to have dry eyes, redness, increased eye excrement, even dry throat and constipation. What’s going on? Pure donkey hide gelatin itself does not cause fire, but it is caused by auxiliary drugs added in the process of making and eating. In order to improve the efficacy of stewed donkey hide gelatin, yellow rice wine is often used to soak it, which promotes the fire; The content of amino acids in Ejiao is high, and the absorption of nutrients in Ejiao consumes vitamins, which is also one of the reasons for getting angry. Find the cause of the fire, as long as we eat it properly. Experts recommend that if there are symptoms such as hand foot heart heat and upset during taking, it may be due to yin deficiency of constitution. Can be fried with black beans 60 grams soup, and then stewed donkey hide gelatin each other. When eating donkey hide gelatin, we try our best to choose light food, especially sugar. Radish and garlic are taboo and must not be eaten. In addition, women should not eat during menstruation.

donkey hide gelatin can not be boiled with other traditional Chinese medicine, nor is it suitable for boiling with food ingredients. Donkey hide gelatin (E-Jiao) is a solid block of donkey skin which is boiled and concentrated. It has the characteristics of high viscosity and easy to dissolve. Therefore, if it is decocted with other medicinal materials or food materials, it is very easy to stick together, thus affecting the release of effective ingredients. Therefore, to take donkey hide gelatin, most of the way to melt or dissolve.

the so-called melting is to put donkey hide gelatin into a small cup or bowl, pour the fried juice while it is hot, and pour it on one side while stirring with chopsticks to promote its dissolution. If the liquid is cold, and the donkey hide gelatin has not yet completely dissolved, you can boil the dregs removed juice with donkey hide gelatin at low heat. Don’t forget to stir it when heating, and don’t let the donkey hide gelatin stick to the bottom of the pot, Wait until the donkey hide gelatin is completely dissolved in the medicine juice.

as for dissolving, it’s simpler. You can add yellow rice wine or water to the small cup with donkey hide gelatin in advance. After a few hours, the donkey hide gelatin will gradually dissolve. At this time, you can take the donkey hide gelatin solution in the decocted and warm Chinese medicine juice, or mix it with hot milk and honey bee water.

tips: eat donkey hide gelatin often see tongue

, but for non Qi and blood deficiency people, eat donkey hide gelatin tonic is not suitable, and may even eat problems, such as will lead to Yang deficiency symptoms.

it is suggested that you often check your tongue when eating donkey hide gelatin. If you have thick and greasy tongue coating and loss of appetite, it indicates that you are not suitable for eating donkey hide gelatin.

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