Eat fish brain fish roe contains lecithin more conducive to brain

many people know that eating fish can brain, fish contains a lot of nutrition, brain fish is divided into many kinds, insist on eating fish will have a lot of benefits, the following to see together!

What kind of fish is good for brain tonifying? Hairtail is a common fish, which contains a lot of nutrients. Hairtail is rich in fat, protein, vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acid, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients. It has the effects of warming stomach and tonifying deficiency, strengthening heart and kidney, eliminating inflammation and phlegm, and eliminating fatigue. It is especially suitable for the elderly, children and pregnant women, especially for shortness of breath, deficiency of body, malnutrition and so on. In addition, fish is also rich in DHA, DPA, vitamin A / D / E and so on. The proportion of these nutrients is very suitable for the human body, which is known as & lt; on the table; Nutritionist;.

bighead is a good fish for brain tonifying. As the saying goes, the head of big head fish is rich in nutritional value. It also has lecithin for the development of human brain cells and amino acids absorbed by human brain. It contains special protein, which is helpful for children’s intellectual development.

& omega- Fatty acids (DHA, EPA) are essential substances in brain, retina and nervous system, which can enhance brain function and prevent vision loss. DHA is the main part of the brain, EPA can improve the regeneration ability of human cells, enhance the immune ability, and has a strong repair function on human heart. Can help repair brain function, improve memory.

if it’s a whole fish stew, you can fry the two sides of the fish in oil first, then add ginger and cooking wine to make it fragrant, add cold water and bring it to a boil. Don’t turn over the fish before boiling. Cook slowly over low heat until the soup is white. Add a little vinegar. Season with salt and chicken essence before boiling. Sprinkle with scallion.

if you don’t have ginger at home, you can also use coriander instead. The method is to fry both sides of the fish until yellowish, put cold water to boil, and then put a few parsley in, after boiling the soup, take out the parsley.

add Baijiu, fish can be added to a little Baijiu after stew, the effect of deodorization is very good, and the soup also contains the smell of wine. Scallion and vinegar are the best seasonings to remove fishiness. You can put more in the soup.

Which is nutritious, fish soup or fish meat?

all have nutrition, and the supplementary nutrition is different. The main component of fish is protein. Fish oil is dissolved in fish soup when it is boiled. The main component of fish oil is phospholipid, which can tonify the brain. So fish soup is better. In fish viscera composition, fish roe contains more lecithin, which is conducive to brain tonifying.

fish soup contains all the nutrients (such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.) contained in fish meat. Meanwhile, fish soup instant noodles also contain a lot of collagen. Because collagen can make skin whiten and increase skin elasticity, drinking fish soup can play a role in beauty. At the same time, because the fish soup is fully boiled, the calcium in the fish bones is completely released into the soup, so the calcium in the fish soup is twice as much as that in the fish meat. So from the above point of view, fish soup is more nutritious than fish.

most of the fat in fish is unsaturated fatty acid, which is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. After digestion and absorption, fatty acid can combine with blood cholesterol in the blood, and take cholesterol away from blood vessels, so as to reduce the content of cholesterol in the body and maintain health.

the DHA in fish mainly exists in brain, retina and nerve. DHA can maintain the normal function of retina, especially for infants, which can promote the healthy development of vision; DHA is also of great help to the development of human brain and intelligence. It is also an indispensable nutrient for the growth of nervous system.

Ingredients: 30g winter bamboo shoots, 30g cabbage, 30g fat meat, 1 yellow croaker (about 500g), proper amount of onion, ginger, peanut oil, sesame oil, clear soup, cooking wine, pepper noodles, salt and monosodium glutamate.

1. First, scal the yellow croaker, remove the internal organs, wash it, make the winter bamboo shoots grow well, slice it, wash and chop the cabbage; Wash pork and slice.

2. Heat the peanut oil in the pan and fry the fish on both sides for a while; Then add clear soup into the pot, add winter bamboo shoots, sauerkraut, sliced meat, yellow croaker and seasoning, first boil over high fire, then burn over low fire for 15 minutes, and then boil over high fire. Remove scallions and ginger, sprinkle with monosodium glutamate and pepper, and drizzle with sesame oil.

yellow croaker soup

raw materials: 200g net yellow croaker meat, 3G minced green onion, 50g tender bamboo shoots, 5g scallion, 25g cooked pig fat, 15g Shaojiu, 10g cooked ham, 4G refined salt, 1 egg, 3G monosodium glutamate, 10g ginger juice, 450g clear soup, 3G minced ginger, 60g wet starch, 75g cooked lard.


1, yellow croaker slices grow 4 cm, 2 cm wide, 1 cm thick, pig fat cut into nails, tender bamboo shoots, cooked ham are cut into powder, eggs beat in a bowl.

2. Set the frying pan on medium heat, add 25g of cooked lard, add scallion and minced ginger, stir up the flavor, put the fish fillets into the pan, add Shaojiu, ginger juice, clear soup, minced bamboo shoots, refined salt and pig fat slices, boil them, skim the foam, add monosodium glutamate and wet starch, thicken them, pour in 50g of egg liquid and cooked lard, push them evenly with hand spoon, place them in the soup plate, sprinkle with minced onion and cooked ham, That’s it.

Chicken sauce fish soup

raw materials: 5 liang of sweet scented fish (about 200g), 1 liang of ham (about 40g), 2 liang of winter bamboo shoots and 2 liang of mushrooms (about 80g), 8 cups of soup, proper amount of Longjing tea, a little salt, oil and pepper.


1, slice sweet scented fish, mix well with salt, oil and pepper.

2. Shred ham, wash mushrooms and slice. Add the soup into the pot, bring to a boil, add the sliced mandarin fish and shredded ham, bring to a boil for about 5 minutes, pour into a large soup basin, and season with salt.

4. Pour the Longjing tea into a glass and put it in the middle of the basin. Pour the tea into the soup before eating.

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