Eat food, don’t eat these toxic parts!

eat food, don’t eat these toxic parts!

1, tomato

poisons: alkaloids

toxic parts: stems and leaves

although tomatoes are popular in many countries, they are indeed toxic. Although the pulp itself does not contain toxins, its stems and leaves are full of chemicals called glycoalkaloids. The content of this substance is higher in wild tomatoes, but artificial tomatoes still have some influence. This kind of thing can cause gastric dysfunction and anxiety. Stems and leaves can be used as cooking condiments, but must be removed before consumption. This chemical is very effective. In fact, it is often used to repel insects.

2, apple

poison: cyanide

toxic part: core

no matter where you go, apple is definitely a popular fruit. Similar to other foods on this list, apples contain cyanide, but not high. There are no toxic chemicals in the pulp, but you’ll find cyanide in the apple core. It’s not fatal to eat an apple kernel, but it’s definitely bad for your health. Of course, if you eat too much Apple kernels, you may have complications.

3, cherry

poison: hydrocyanic acid

toxic part: Stone

cherry is definitely one of the most popular fruits to eat. It can be eaten raw, boiled, roasted and made into jam or candy. Cherry can even be eaten with some wine. Despite the benefits, cherries are poisonous. If you eat cherries without thinking about biting open the core and then leave it in your mouth, you are likely to swallow hydrocyanic acid. Once a cherry kernel is chewed or chewed, it automatically produces hydrocyanic acid. Mild poisoning symptoms include headache, dizziness, confusion, anxiety and vomiting. Large amounts of hydrocyanic acid can cause dyspnea, high blood pressure, rapid heart beat and renal failure. Other reactions include coma, convulsions, and the most severe can lead to death from respiratory failure.

4, red pepper

poison: capsaicin

toxic part: red pepper

you have eaten red pepper more or less in your life, no matter what you eat is particularly spicy or not very spicy, every red pepper you eat contains a chemical called capsaicin. In red pepper, capsaicin is the originator of spicy taste. Of course, eating a red pepper is not a big problem, but if you eat too much to a certain amount, you may be in danger of life. This chemical is awesome. People use them as paint removers and even pepper spray for police use. In very hot chili peppers like Havana, the content of capsaicin is so amazing that if you cut the chili peppers, you will immediately feel burning pain on your skin.

5, almond

poison: cyanide

toxic part: raw almond

most people always think that almond is a kind of nut, but in fact it is a seed, and it is especially popular in the world’s cooking industry. Similar to cashew nuts, almonds are highly toxic if they are not heated in some form. Bitter almonds, which are rich in cyanide, are mainly used to remove the toxicity. In many countries, it is illegal to sell almonds without processing to remove the toxin.

6, mushroom

poison: muscarin and other

toxic parts: 5% mushroom

there are about 5000 kinds of mushrooms in the United States, of which about 100 are said to be poisonous, and less than 10 can be killed. Nevertheless, mushrooms can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Because mushrooms are fungi in nature and there are so many kinds, it is difficult to judge which is poisonous and which is not. From experience, we usually say that mushrooms grown in the wild are likely to be poisonous. Muscarin is one of the most lethal mushroom toxins. It can cause severe liver damage. The poisonous mushroom is also one of the poisonous mushrooms.

7, potato

poison: alkaloid

toxic part: stem and leaf

potato we have heard about potato more or less. Whether it’s the potato famine in Ireland or other related historical events, you’ve heard all about it, but you may not have heard that potatoes are poisonous. The stems and leaves of potato plants are poisonous, even potatoes themselves. If you look at potatoes carefully, you may find that some potatoes are slightly green, which is caused by the toxicity of sugar alkaloids. In the past, there have been cases of death caused by potato poisoning. Although it is rare, most of them are caused by drinking potato leaf tea or eating green potatoes. The event of death is not sudden. After eating, the person concerned is usually weak at first and then falls into coma.

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