Eat less of these foods to make you stink!

Eat less of these foods to make you stink!

eat less of these foods, make you stink!

for body odor, even if you take a bath every day, sometimes eating too much food can also cause it. So which foods can cause body odor?


popular curry is also one of the causes of body odor. In particular, curry rice in India usually uses curry powder and fennel as the main seasoning. Although fennel is good for the body, its strong smell is easy to be emitted from the pores, and it is more prone to body odor.


scientific research, meat has a great impact on body odor. Vegetarians stink more than meat eaters. Even so, if the meat is cut into small pieces and eaten together with vegetables and seafood, it can also achieve the effect of reducing body odor, which is worth a try.


many people don’t know asparagus can also cause body odor. Different from the odor of other foods, the odor of asparagus comes from urine. Asparagus contains & quot; Methyl mercaptan & quot; After the chemical reaction, the urine will have a peculiar smell when it is discharged. At present, there is no special way to eliminate this odor. In fact, it’s just urine odor. There’s no need to worry too much.


garlic can be seen everywhere in many dishes, but its odor is also known to all. It is understood that garlic contains a kind of protein called & lt; Allicin & quot; After eating garlic, allicin is rapidly transformed into other substances in the human body, which will produce bacteria when mixed with sweat, thus emitting a strong odor.

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