Eat less of these fruits in summer to guard against fire!

Eat less of these fruits in summer to guard against fire!

eat less these fruits in summer to guard against fire!


raw peaches can cause swelling and carbuncle, which is harmful but not beneficial. Because peaches are hot fruits, it’s easy to get angry if you eat too much, and even make you sore if it’s serious. Especially those who usually have internal fire should not eat more. Although eating peaches can relieve constipation, those who suffer from constipation due to heat will not relieve it after eating a large amount of peaches, but will become more serious. People who suffer from dry mouth, thirst, sore throat and other burning symptoms had better eat less or no peaches.


many people know that eating too much durian is easy to get angry, in fact, there is a certain scientific basis. Durian is rich in nutrition, but also high in calories, especially in sugar. Thailand’s Ministry of health advised the public not to eat more than two durian petals a day. If you eat too much at a time, the nutrition is too rich, the gastrointestinal burden is heavy, and the nutrients such as sugar can not be fully absorbed, it may cause lip sores and other inflamed symptoms. Obesity, hypertension and diabetes patients can not eat more. In addition, the durian potassium content is high, and patients with kidney disease should eat less.


rambutan is similar to litchi in taste, but it is much bigger. Although it is produced in the tropics, it is a common fruit in fruit stands. Many people like the sweet and sour taste of maolitchi, especially in the dry winter, eating a few juicy maolitchi is very appetizing. But we should remind you that maolitchi is a kind of warm fruit, which is easy to get angry if you eat more.

it is not suitable to eat more lychee for those with tongue sores, dry mouth, tonsil inflammation, acne on face, bad breath, constipation, hemorrhoids, cough, yellow and sticky phlegm. People with cold constitution, such as those who are afraid of cold, can’t drink cold water and other cold drinks, and dysmenorrhea patients, can choose to eat maolitchi appropriately.


so called & lt; Oranges are easy to get angry;, The main reason is that oranges are very convenient to eat. If you sit there for a few minutes, you will eat a lot unconsciously. In addition, especially the sweet oranges, the sugar content is generally high. In addition, some people have poor absorption of sugar. Once they eat too much, the high concentration of sugar will make the body fluid in the throat cells exude, causing throat discomfort. What’s more, bacteria in the mouth like to breed in a high sugar environment, and they don’t gargle after eating oranges, so it’s easy to get gingival inflammation, which makes people feel & lt; Get angry & quot; It’s too late.


folk; Three fires for one litchi; Although litchi is refreshing, it is actually something that gets angry.

in Ancient Poetry & lt; If you eat 300 lychees a day, you will be a Lingnan person; Don’t do what you say. However, in general, fresh lychees just picked will be slightly better. The longer the litchi is placed, the more sugar it contains and the more heat it has. Eating more litchi is easy to get angry.

. However, litchi is very nutritious when eaten in moderation. For women, litchi can also prevent freckles and make skin smoother.

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