Eat like this can aggravate constipation!

eating like this will aggravate constipation!

error 1: eat light, do not eat oil or eat less

when many people have constipation, they think that they eat too much fish and meat, and turn to eat very vegetarian. In fact, people with constipation also need to eat some oil, because the human body needs grease lubrication, lack of it will aggravate constipation. Many people believe that eating less will relieve constipation, which is also a misunderstanding. Because the intestines need food to stimulate and promote defecation. If you don’t eat enough food and there are not enough raw materials for feces, you can’t discharge them. Therefore, do not refuse to eat when constipation, otherwise it will aggravate constipation. For people who have been dieting to lose weight, constipation may also be caused by the above reasons.

error 2: banana eat wrong

it is generally believed that banana is Runchang. In fact, only mature bananas can have the above functions. If you eat more raw bananas, you will not be able to defecate, but will aggravate constipation. Because, not ripe banana contains more tannic acid, has a convergence effect on the digestive tract, will inhibit gastrointestinal peristalsis. Generally speaking, it is best to store bananas in a well ventilated place until there are black spots on the surface, but the texture inside has not changed. Remind everyone to drink more water when eating bananas.

error 3: eating high fiber food ignores drinking water

many people believe that dietary fiber helps defecate, so they eat a lot of high fiber food when they are constipated, but ignore drinking water. In fact, feces to form a volume in the large intestine, in addition to fiber, but also water to help its expansion, so as to stimulate the intestinal tract. So if you eat a lot of fiber, but you don’t have enough water, the fiber can’t expand, and the feces are small, dense, and dry, so they are transported more slowly in the intestine. In addition, one of the basic functions of the large intestine is to recover water from the feces. The more water the body is short of, the drier the feces are, and the more serious the constipation is. Many people may think they are & lt; Intractable constipation;, It’s just too little water. It should be noted that the dietary fiber in fruits and vegetables can indeed relieve constipation, but excessive consumption will also cause flatulence and abdominal pain. If people with poor gastrointestinal function eat more, it will cause gastrointestinal irritation.

error 4: drink a lot of tea

drink tea & lt; Clear fire;, Can improve constipation, this is also a very common mistake. In fact, constipation is not suitable for drinking more tea. Because tea has astringent effect, drink much can aggravate constipation instead. Constipation as long as drink more water can, drink more than usual 2 ~ 3 times, divided into 8 ~ 10 times to drink.

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