Eat meat without garlic nutrition half!

Eat meat without garlic nutrition half!

eat meat without garlic, nutrition by half!

we often say that so and so seem to be made for each other, and so is food. For example, lean meat and garlic, there is a folk saying: & lt; If you eat meat without garlic, the nutrition will be reduced by half& rdquo;

animal food, especially lean meat, is rich in vitamin B1. However, vitamin B1 is not stable and stays in the body for a short time. It will be discharged with a large amount of urine. Garlic contains unique alliin and alliinase, which will produce allicin after contact. The combination of vitamin B1 and Allicin in meat will produce stable allithiamine, thus improving the content of vitamin B1 in meat. Moreover, allithiamine can prolong the residence time of vitamin B1 in human body, improve its absorption rate in gastrointestinal tract and utilization rate in vivo.

therefore, in the daily diet, when eating meat, you should eat a little garlic in an appropriate amount, which can not only relieve fishiness and odor, but also achieve twice the result with half the effort.

it should be noted that allicin will soon lose its function when it is heated, so it is not suitable to cook for a long time. It can only be fried quickly in high fire to prevent the destruction of the active ingredients. In addition, the more garlic you eat, the better. You can eat one clove of raw garlic (about 5 grams) or two or three cloves of cooked garlic every day. Garlic is pungent, hot, too much food will cause liver yin, kidney yin deficiency, resulting in dry mouth, decreased vision and other symptoms.

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