Eat melon seeds to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but these people should eat less

melon seeds. As a small snack, this big festival of Chinese new year must be indispensable. Friends and relatives chat together, and they can knock down a few kilograms of melon seeds unconsciously. But eating too much melon seeds is easy to dry mouth, and not everyone can be so happy to eat melon seeds. Let’s take you to know about it!

The nutrition of melon seeds is high

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maybe many people just like to eat melon seeds, but they don’t pay attention to its nutritional value. As a kind of nut food, melon seeds are rich in nutritional value. Melon seeds are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin E, as well as iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements. The fat in melon seeds is mainly unsaturated fatty acids, so eating melon seeds can prevent anemia and other diseases, as well as protect cardiovascular health. Sunflower seeds and melon seeds are rich in fat, protein, zinc and other trace elements, which can enhance digestion.

sunflower seeds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, of which linoleic acid is about 50% ~ 60% essential for human body. Linoleic acid can not only reduce serum cholesterol, but also inhibit cholesterol precipitation in blood vessels. Therefore, eating sunflower seeds can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. eight million eight hundred and eighty-five thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine” />

Moderate eating of melon seeds is good for health, but eating too much is not good. Melon seeds are high-fat, high protein food, if you eat more melon seeds, easy to affect the normal eating. Moreover, eating too much melon seeds is also relatively high in calories. Long term excessive eating of melon seeds may cause weight gain, obesity and other problems. Eating melon seeds will also consume saliva and affect oral health. A large number of melon seeds may also hurt the oral mucosa and tongue mucosa, causing swelling and pain at the tip of the tongue.

The original melon seeds are relatively more healthy. In order to meet everyone’s taste demand, the melon seeds on the market are also rich in flavor. The multi flavor melon seeds, such as five flavors, rock sugar, cream and green tea, provide people with more choices. But I would like to remind you that most of these melon seeds are made by adding spices, salt, saccharin, artificial pigments, etc., which are not conducive to health, so we should eat less. Try to choose the original melon seeds, less additives, not easy to get angry.

Melon seeds with green tea and chrysanthemum tea

everyone has this experience. When you eat too many melon seeds, your tongue is dry and you are easy to get angry. Therefore, when you eat melon seeds, you can make a cup of green tea or chrysanthemum tea to relieve dry mouth, It can also reduce the intake of melon seeds. Moreover, when eating melon seeds, it is best to peel the shell of melon seeds by hand, which is not only hygienic, but also can reduce the loss of body fluid in the mouth, reduce the wear of teeth, and avoid the occurrence of & lt; Melon seed tooth;.

Can hyperlipidemia eat melon seed?

it is said that the patients with hyperlipidemia should not eat melon seeds, because melon seeds contain a lot of fat. If the patients with hyperlipidemia eat melon seeds, the level of lipid in the blood will rise. In fact, this is not true. The fatty acids in melon seeds are different from those in animals. The unsaturated fatty acids in melon seeds are good for cardiovascular health. It’s not a big problem to eat normally. Just don’t eat too much.

Who wants to eat less melon seeds?

some people really want to eat less melon seeds. Patients with cholecystectomy should not eat melon seeds, because the function of gallbladder is to store, concentrate and digest bile. After cholecystectomy, the ability of storage and digestion is weakened, which is easy to cause dyspepsia, so we should eat less melon seeds.

and because melon seeds contain a lot of fat, patients with enteritis, dysentery and liver diseases should not eat more melon seeds. Patients with stomach diseases and liver diseases require a light diet and less oil, and melon seeds are high in fat, so they should not eat more.

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