Eat more of these 10 foods in front of the computer to help us prevent radiation

nowadays, eating anti radiation has become the first choice for many people. Often stay up late and suffer from radiation damage, eye fatigue, backache and other problems are also followed. Therefore, office workers who have been using computers for a long time should face up to their memory of “black sesame” & mdash& mdash; Increase cellular immunity, resist radiation

black sesame into the kidney, all kinds of radiation damage mainly affect the human brain and bone marrow, damage the human immune system. More kidney tonifying food can enhance cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and effectively protect human health.

2, laver & mdash& mdash; Porphyra haitanensis has the ability of anti radiation, anti mutation and anti-oxidation, which is related to its selenium content. Selenium is an important trace element, which can enhance immune function and protect human health. Eating amaranth rich in selenium can improve the ability of human body to resist radiation.

3, tomato & mdash& mdash; People who eat tomatoes and tomato products for a long time are less injured by radiation and have a lower mortality caused by radiation. Lycopene can form a natural barrier on the skin surface by quenching the free radicals that invade the human body, which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet and radiation to the skin.

7 Mung bean & mdash& mdash; Effective excretion of toxins

mung bean contains substances to help excrete toxins in the body and accelerate metabolism, which can effectively resist all kinds of pollution, including electromagnetic pollution.

8, Auricularia auricula & mdash& mdash; The colloid in Auricularia auricula can absorb the dust, impurities and radioactive substances left in the human digestive system and discharge them out of the body, so as to play the role of clearing the stomach, cleaning the intestines and preventing radiation.

9 Garlic & mdash& mdash; Reduce radiation damage

garlic contains more selenium, selenium can enhance the body’s immunity, eating some garlic can help reduce radiation damage.

10, lentils mixed tofu

, vitamin C and E are the best antioxidants, so that the radiation released by the computer will gradually reduce the damage to the human body. If we eat more of these foods on weekdays, our skin will get a natural radiation protective film, which can effectively prevent radiation damage. Eating more vegetables can also make the blood in human body weakly alkaline, accelerate the precipitation of endotoxin in cells, and make these toxins more easily excreted with urine, so the damage of radiation to human body can be minimized.

ingredients (for four): 80 grams of cut lentils; Bean curd; Ingredients: 1 teaspoon olive oil; Three teaspoons of rice vinegar.

preparation method:

1. Blanch the lentils in boiling water for one and a half minutes, then put the bean curd into the microwave oven for 40 seconds to remove the moisture.

2, smash tofu and lentils together, add rice vinegar and olive oil to serve.

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