Eat more of these foods to reduce gastrointestinal pressure

Eat more of these foods to reduce gastrointestinal pressure

eat more of these foods to reduce gastrointestinal pressure


recorded in compendium of materia medica: & lt; Pumpkin is warm and sweet; Entering spleen and stomach meridians;, It can replenish qi, eliminate inflammation, kill bacteria and relieve pain. It is rich in pectin and can be & lt; Adsorption & quot; Bacteria and toxic substances, including heavy metals, lead, play a role in detoxification. At the same time, pectin can protect the stomach from stimulation and reduce ulcer.


agaric gum can absorb the dust, impurities and radioactive substances remaining in the human digestive system, and discharge them out of the body. It has the functions of clearing stomach, cleaning intestine and preventing radiation. It is a good product for adults to nourish stomach.


is sweet and smooth in nature and taste; Xiaqi Buzhong, Lipi diaphragmatic, Runchang Wei, Anwu Zang, has the effect of healthy food;. Rich in carotene can be converted into vitamin A, which can improve eyesight, enhance resistance, prevent and treat respiratory diseases. Carotene is fat soluble, which is the most suitable for stewing with meat and tastes better.


is sweet and cool. It can moisten dryness, nourish liver, benefit intestines and stomach, and relieve constipation《 It is called “food therapy Materia Medica”; Benefit five zang organs, dredge intestines and stomach, and detoxify alcohol;. Spinach can promote the secretion of stomach and pancreas, increase appetite and help digestion; Its rich cellulose can also help intestinal peristalsis, conducive to defecation.


onion can strengthen the stomach and moisten the intestines, eliminate food and regulate qi, and has a good therapeutic effect on anorexia, dyspepsia, food accumulation and constipation. In addition, onion also contains anti platelet aggregation substances, which can dilute blood, improve brain blood supply, relieve mental fatigue and psychological tension.

low fat milk

low fat milk contains about half of the fat of fresh ordinary milk, and the content of calcium and B vitamins is equivalent to that of whole milk. Therefore, drinking two cups of low-fat milk every day for adults can not only maintain the intestines and stomach, but also prevent osteoporosis.


olive has the function of sobering up, clearing stomach heat and promoting appetite. Eating olive can effectively improve the symptoms of anorexia after drinking. It can be eaten directly or stewed with rock sugar.

fish and shellfish

are rich in protein, calcium, zinc and selenium, which can not only protect gastric mucosa, but also enhance the detoxification function of liver. It is very suitable for people who often drink and socialize. But fish, shellfish can not be eaten with beer, otherwise it is easy to cause gout.

pine nut

pine nut is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which can help digestion, reduce gastrointestinal pressure and prevent gastric ulcer. At the same time, pine nuts also contain brain tonic ingredients, which can enhance the metabolism of brain cells. It is very suitable for adults who often use brain.

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