Eat more of these fruits can prevent hemorrhoids

eat more of these fruits can prevent hemorrhoids

1, pineapple

pineapple is rich in nutrition, it contains a lot of glucose, fructose, citric acid, vitamins, phosphorus and protease. Bromelain in pineapple has anti-inflammatory effect, can promote tissue repair, accelerate metabolism, improve blood circulation, rapid detumescence, and has a good recovery effect on the wound of patients with postoperative hemorrhoids.

2, pear

pear in addition to a lot of water, but also a lot of calcium, iron, phosphorus and other mineral elements needed by the human body. Eating more pears can moisten the intestines and nourish the face, and prevent hemorrhoids. At the same time, patients who have just finished hemorrhoids surgery eat more pears, which also has a good effect on relieving the symptoms of postoperative congestion.

3, apple

apple is rich in vitamin C, pectin and fiber, in addition to helping to excrete toxins and bacteria precipitated in the intestinal tract, it also has a good effect for cardiovascular patients. Eating more apples can not only reduce cholesterol, but also prevent hemorrhoids.

4, persimmon

persimmon nutritional value is very high, it contains a lot of trace elements needed by the human body, such as glucose, vitamin C, fructose, calcium and so on. Persimmon can not only clear away heat and toxin, reduce blood pressure, but also prevent hemorrhoids.

5 and banana

are rich in water-soluble fiber, which plays a good role in resisting the reproduction and growth of bacteria. And banana is a very good fruit to help gastrointestinal digestion, usually eat more bananas can not only prevent constipation, but also away from hemorrhoids.

prevention of hemorrhoids adhere to these basic principles

1, adhere to physical exercise

people engaged in sedentary and long standing work, to work and rest, 1 to 2 hours after work, should be appropriate to walk 10 to 15 minutes. At ordinary times, you can choose running, Taijiquan, aerobics, workshop exercise and other activities, which can promote blood circulation and intestinal peristalsis, reduce pelvic congestion and hemorrhoids.

2, pay attention to the diet

meat and vegetable collocation, the thickness is appropriate: in the diet, we should pay attention to the meat and vegetable can not be excessive, coarse and fine grain adjust economy is appropriate, diet should be light, Runchang laxative, should eat more cellulose fresh vegetables and fruits, such as celery, spinach, vegetables, Luffa, bananas, etc. Those who have difficulty in defecating should eat porridge, noodles and soup powder to reduce feces. Irritant food can stimulate anal mucous membrane skin and local congestion, burning, aggravating hemorrhoids, hair glass should avoid spicy, hot, fat, fried, smoked products and hair, such as pepper, garlic, onion, mutton, etc. Avoid drinking and smoking.

3, keep the stool unobstructed

, form the habit of regular stool every day. Get up in the morning can drink a cup of cold water, can promote defecation. It is not suitable to squat too long, otherwise it can lead to hemorrhoid variceal bleeding. Pregnant women should avoid sitting and standing for a long time to prevent constipation. Taking sesame and honey properly can keep the stool unobstructed and prevent hemorrhoids.

4, lifting the anus movement when advocated

, no matter work load, long squat, or sedentary, can eventually cause anorectal venous deposition, varicose, therefore, lifting the anus movement to reduce local venous deposition, and varicose veins have great benefits.

5, treatment of primary diseases

should be timely treatment of perianal diseases and systemic diseases, can reduce the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Such as perianal eczema, constipation, diarrhea, diabetes and so on.

6, pay attention to anal cleaning,

those with more perineal secretions should wash their anus with warm water after defecation or before going to bed, or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution. If you change your underwear frequently, you should dry it in the sun.

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