Eat more vegetables, better skin color!

Eat more vegetables, better skin color!

eat more vegetables, better skin color!

fruits and vegetables can not only make people get rich nutrients from their diet, but also make you look more attractive. Eating fresh produce can enhance the attractiveness of your skin by giving it a bright red and yellow hue, new research has found.

organic pigments (carotenoids) in fruits and vegetables can make agricultural products show natural yellow and red. When people ingest them, the pigments will be transferred to the skin. The researchers selected 35 students and asked them to fill out a questionnaire. They asked them how much agricultural products they ate every day and measured their skin color with spectrophotometer. In the following three and six weeks, the researchers collected the same data for these subjects.

the results of the study found that the more vegetables and fruits the subjects ate, the brighter and more natural their skin was. Even the brighter red and yellow facial images on the skin caused by eating a little more agricultural products made students think they were more attractive than those who ate low-quality agricultural products.

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