Eat refined white rice frequently, be careful of beriberi

Take care of beriberi by eating refined rice& mdash;& mdash; The northerners who eat more coarse grains seldom suffer from beriberi and stomach disease; On the contrary, southerners living in the land of fish and rice, who have been eating white rice and refined noodles for a long time, suffer from beriberi and stomach diseases more than those in the north.

the beriberi mentioned here is not what we often say; Beriberi in Hong Kong;, But vitamin B1 deficiency disease, is a systemic disease, the disease usually occurs in refined white rice as the staple food, other food is not rich in the crowd. For southerners, whose rice accounts for more than 70% of food energy and almost cannot leave refined white rice, they are more likely to be entangled with beriberi. Because vitamin B1 widely exists in rice, if rice is milled too finely or washed improperly, it is easy to cause vitamin B1 deficiency. Of course, if northerners eat refined white flour for many years, there is the same risk.

beriberi has a long history in China; It’s very soft, it’s very relaxing, it’s hard for cats and dogs to bend their feet, it’s hard for horses to eat;. Chen Shiliang pointed out in “food Materia Medica”: & lt; Palpitations after eating for a long time;, This is the same principle as the beriberi caused by the lack of vitamin B1 due to eating refined white rice.

lack of vitamin B1 can lead to digestive, nervous and cardiovascular system dysfunction. Early onset, adults prone to lower limb weakness, indigestion, memory loss and other symptoms. The disease can be divided into two main categories: one is dry beriberi, and the other is mainly sensory weakness, heavy feeling of the lower extremities, abnormal sensation of extremities, and lack of appetite. The second is wet beriberi, with edema, lower limb edema, palpitation and shortness of breath after activity as the main manifestations.

in recent years, the incidence of beriberi has decreased in the south, but it can not be ignored. There are three groups of people prone to beriberi. One is the elderly. Many elderly people, especially the empty nesters, may eat one or two dishes a day. The diet structure is single and the types are not rich enough. They are high-risk groups of vitamin B1 deficiency; Second, children, many children eat more fine, plus picky food, it is easy to lead to vitamin B1 deficiency; Third, people who often drink, because although many drinkers spend a long time eating a meal, they don’t eat many kinds and quantities of food, which can easily lead to malnutrition.

it is unrealistic for Southern residents to change the habit of eating refined white rice. In fact, the preventive measures are very simple. It is suggested to eat more coarse grains, brown rice, beans and other foods rich in vitamin B1; When panning rice, don’t rub it too hard, wash it gently by hand once or twice; Stir fry vegetables with cold, cooking and other ways, less fried, fried, fried, as much as possible to retain vitamin B1.

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