Eat some beans to keep fit!

Eat some beans to keep fit!

eat some beans to keep fit!

broad bean soup is fresh and fragrant.

broad bean soup is sweet in taste and flat in nature. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is also rich in zinc, phospholipid and cholelithine. It has the function of strengthening the brain, and is especially suitable for mental workers.

broad beans are not suitable for eating raw, you can stir fry vegetables and cook porridge, and I like to use broad beans to make soup. I recommend a broad bean vermicelli egg soup. Heat up the oil in the hot pan, add ginger powder, then pour in the washed broad beans and stir fry until the color changes and the fragrance comes out. Add appropriate amount of water, bring to a boil, and then add the soaked vermicelli. When the broad bean rice and vermicelli are well cooked, pour in the broken eggs and add a little salt before leaving the pot. I also like to add some white pepper and scallion, which can improve the taste.

when buying, choose a large and full grain, no blackening, no moth, so it tastes fresh and tender. When you cook broad beans at home, you must cook them thoroughly to prevent food poisoning, and don’t eat too much at one time, which is easy to cause abdominal distension. Note that some people are allergic to broad bean, which can cause broad bean disease (acute hemolytic disease). This kind of people should fast.

peas have good eye protection effect.

peas are seasonal vegetables. They are round and fresh green, very good-looking. Pea is not only to win by appearance, it is rich in vitamin A, has the therapeutic effect of eye protection; In addition, its vitamin C content is much higher than that of dry beans, which is delicious and helps to improve immunity.

office workers who face the computer all day can have a big eye protection meal. They can fry peas, carrots and corn together. It’s not only delicious, but also nutritious. It can effectively relieve dry and uncomfortable eyes. Children and the elderly can also eat it. It is nutritious and easy to digest. In addition, we recommend a nutritious and healthy staple food: pea stewed rice. When the rice is almost cooked, add the cleaned peas, stir well and continue to cook. After cooking, add shredded onion and cooked lean meat, cover and simmer for a while. At this time, cereal protein in rice, legume protein in pea and animal protein in lean meat are complementary and nutritious, which is suitable for white-collar workers and students.

when you buy peas, you should choose dark green, shiny fresh beans, pinch them, the tender ones have water flowing out, and the old ones are hard.

Holland bean salad is refreshing

Holland bean is different from pea and broad bean. We mainly eat its pods. The B vitamins and vitamin C contained in the pods are water-soluble vitamins, which are easy to be lost when cooked at high temperature. Therefore, I recommend a Holland bean salad. Wash and cut the Holland beans into sections, blanch them quickly, and then mix them with red, white and white Green peppers and their favorite fruits are used to make fruit and vegetable salad, which is rich in color and refreshing to eat. It also has the effect of dispelling fire and replenishing water, beautifying and brightening skin.

in addition to rich in vitamins, Holland beans are also rich in dietary fiber, which can reduce cholesterol, promote large intestine peristalsis, clear intestines and defecate. When you buy Dutch beans, you should choose dark and bright color, and pinch the beans in the pod to see if they are even in size. Dutch beans should not be preserved, it is best to buy and eat now.

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