Eat some warm fruit in winter!

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eat some warm fruits in winter!

pomegranate juice

preparation method: take out the pomegranate seeds, put them in the blender, add water without pomegranate seeds, beat the juice, stir and sift, then you can drink pure pomegranate juice, which can be used with breakfast.

function: it has the effect of moistening dryness and preventing pharyngeal dryness. The elderly can drink more pomegranate juice, which can prevent the occurrence of osteoarthritis and play a role in inflammatory diseases.

orange sauce

preparation method: stir fry orange and kumquat in a pot, evaporate water, and add rock sugar. Half an hour later, the orange peel becomes translucent, the orange sauce is thick, sprinkle with two spoonfuls of Sophora honey, stir, cool and bottle.

function: moisten lung, benefit people with cough and phlegm, prevent subcutaneous pigmentation, keep skin clean and white.

cook apple

preparation method: wash the apple, remove the core, cut it into small pieces with skin, put it in a pot with cold water, boil it for about 5-6 minutes, and enjoy it when it is not hot.

function: good taste, perfect nutrition, protect intestines and stomach, good for cardiovascular health. It is suitable for people who are lying in bed, oral teeth are not perfect or gastrointestinal function is not good.

pomelo tea

preparation method: soak pomelo peel in light salt water before boiling, remove bitterness, shred and put the pulp into the pot, add rock sugar and cook until thick, then mix honey.

function: it has the effect of strengthening stomach and resolving food, lowering Qi and eliminating phlegm, reducing blood fat and blood pressure, and preventing cerebrovascular diseases.

stewed papaya with fresh milk

production method: milk contains oil, papaya can be peeled and seeded, cut into small pieces, stewed with milk.

function: it can nourish yin, moisten lung, moisten skin, and treat dry heat cough and dry cough without phlegm.

boiled pear water

preparation method: slice raw pear with skin, put it into boiling water pot together with Tremella fuciformis, add rock sugar according to taste, drink while it is hot.

function: it has the functions of generating body fluid, moistening dryness, clearing heat and resolving phlegm. The old man suggested boiling water to make it easier to digest. Pear water is best served hot. Stomach cold, diarrhea patients had better not eat.

sugarcane horseshoe water

preparation method: peel and chop the green sugarcane into pieces, wash and peel the horseshoe, put it into a casserole, add appropriate amount of water, boil it in high heat, boil it in low heat for 30 minutes, filter out the impurities and drink it.

function: detoxification, clearing lung heat effect. Sugar cane is not recommended for those with spleen stomach deficiency and stomach stomach cold pain. Purple black sugarcane is warm in nature and not recommended for sore throat.

Hawthorn walnut soup

preparation method: Hawthorn core boiling 20 minutes after the residue filter juice, walnut soak 30 minutes, add water grinding pulp. Boil hawthorn juice, pour in walnut pulp, boil, place at room temperature, add a small amount of honey to drink.

function: hawthorn is known as & lt; Longevity red fruit;, It is rich in nutrition. This decoction can clear away fat and toxin, relieve the discomfort of fullness, and is very beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

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