Eat soup paofan also pay attention to chew slowly swallow!

check the harm of soup pickled rice

1, easy to have a sense of fullness

the capacity of soup pickled rice will increase, so that children will easily feel full after eating, the corresponding intake of each meal will be reduced. In the long run, children have been in a state of semi starvation, which will affect their growth and development.

2, causing stomachache

for people with strong stomach function, it is not a big problem to eat soup and paofan occasionally; But for people with poor gastric function, often eating soup and rice will cause great burden on gastrointestinal function, which will stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, prone to gastric ulcer or bloating, epigastric pain and other symptoms.

3, anorexia

swallowing pickled rice reduces the chewing action, and correspondingly reduces the chewing reflex, resulting in the reduction of the amount of digestive juice secreted by the stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. However, large food particles that have not been finely ground directly enter the digestive tract, which requires digestive organs to secrete more digestive juice and obtain more energy for digestion. In the long run, appetite will gradually decline.

4, insufficient chewing

although eating paofan is easy to swallow, it can also reduce saliva secretion due to insufficient food crushing. Saliva secretion process can remove and wash food residues attached to teeth and oral cavity. There are also some lysozymes in saliva, which have certain bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, which play an important role in the prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases. In addition, chewing exercise can promote the normal development of teeth, jaw and face, promote local blood circulation and lymphatic reflux, and enhance metabolism. If chewing is not enough, these functions will be weakened, which will affect the symmetry and beauty of facial muscles.

Eat soup paofan also pay attention to chew slowly swallow!

many families, especially those in the south where rice is the staple food, like to eat rice in soup very much. They think it is convenient and time-saving, and the soup can make rice taste. Some parents often feed their children with rice soaked in soup. They think that the rice soaked in soup will become softer, easier to swallow and digest, and people with poor digestion can often eat it. Is that the case?

as the saying goes, & lt; You can’t chew rice in soup;. It means that soaking rice in soup is not good for digestion and absorption. There is some truth in this proverb. Rice in soup looks like porridge, but there is an essential difference between them. Porridge after boiling, rice completely disintegrated, and water into one, starch also decomposed into dextrin easily absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, can be digested without chewing. The rice and water in the soup are separated. The rice does not completely disintegrate, but softens the outer layer of the rice, and the inside is still very hard. So eat & lt; Rice in soup & quot; When you’re feeling & lt; You can’t chew;.

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