Eat these seasonings to keep you healthy and long-lived

Eat these condiments to ensure your health and long life

eat these condiments to ensure your health and long life

1, mustard

mustard, pungent and non-toxic, with warm scattered cold, benefit the five viscera, diaphragmatic appetizer, can benefit nine orifices, stomach digestion, etc. Mustard spicy can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, has the function of appetizer, can enhance people’s appetite. It also has detoxification function, can detoxify fish and crab, so raw salmon and other fresh food is often accompanied by mustard.

2, Zanthoxylum bungeanum

is the pericarp of the Rutaceae plant Zanthoxylum bungeanum, with rich aroma, which is a necessary condiment for home. It has the functions of calming hemp taste, increasing aroma and pungent, removing fishy smell and reducing smell, and is listed in the seasoning & lt; Thirteen spices & quot; First of all, it is known as & lt; King of Seasoning & quot; It’s a great reputation. Zanthoxylum bungeanum is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which is listed as the intermediate product in Shennong materia medica classic. Its medicine is pungent and hot. It can return to the spleen, stomach and kidney channels. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen with fragrance, dispersing cold in the middle of the temperature, removing dampness and pain, killing insects and detoxifying, and relieving itching. Li Shizhen in compendium of Materia Medica; Zanthoxylum bungeanum has strong teeth, dark hair, bright eyes, long service, good color, aging resistance, aging, healthy spirit& rdquo; Modern medical research has proved that Zanthoxylum bungeanum contains volatile oil, alkaloids, coumarins and organic acids, and has pharmacological activities such as local anesthesia, analgesia, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-tumor, insecticidal and so on.

3 and vinegar

contain 0.4% – 0.6% acetic acid, which can inhibit the growth and reproduction of a variety of bacteria to a certain extent. Therefore, when local bacterial and viral diseases are prevalent, people can add an appropriate amount of vinegar to stir fry and mix cold dishes, which can not only appetizer and increase food, but also inhibit bacteria; Kill two birds with one stone;.

4 and ginger

are aromatic and pungent stomach tonics. They have the functions of warmth, excitement, sweating, anti emesis, detoxification, lung warming and cough relieving, especially for fish and crab poisons, Pinellia ternata and Arisaema. Suitable for exogenous wind cold, headache, phlegm, cough, stomach cold and vomiting. After being attacked by ice and snow, dampness and cold, drinking it with ginger soup can promote blood circulation and dispel cold evil. Two kinds of star anise, namely,

5 and

, are indispensable condiments in making cold dishes, stewed dishes and stewed dishes. Their functions are not as good as other spices. They are also the main raw materials for processing five spice powder. Fruits and seeds can be used as seasoning, and also used as medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. According to the medical theory, it has strong fragrance, such as insect repellent, warming the middle and regulating qi, strengthening the stomach and stopping vomiting, dispelling cold and exciting nerves.

6, pepper

pepper is the most common condiment, often seen on the table with salt. Pepper can even replace salt. Pepper is especially suitable for obese people, because it helps metabolism and also plays an exhaust role. Stimulation produces saliva, gastric juice and pancreatic juice. Help to digest high-fat food. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that coriander is pungent and warm in nature, enters lung and spleen meridians, has the function of perspiration, rash and digestion. It is suitable for cold, measles or rubella in children, poor transmission, stagnant diet and indigestion. In addition, the aroma of coriander is caused by volatile oil composed of alcohols and alkenes and potassium malate. After eating, it can increase the secretion of gastric juice, increase appetite, regulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and improve digestion.

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