Eat these wild vegetables in spring, be careful of poisoning!

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Eat these wild vegetables in spring, be careful of poisoning!

eat these wild vegetables in spring, be careful of poisoning!

according to experts, wild vegetables may be poisoned, but not all, just some.

1, bitter thorn flower, water fern, Isatis indigotica and other medicinal and edible homologous wild vegetables: most of them are cold but not bitter, they must be rinsed with boiling water, and they can only be eaten when there is no bitter taste. Not too much food, to prevent nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other discomfort.

2. Cauliflower: soak in clean water before eating, then blanch with boiling water, discard the soup and cook it. It can only be eaten when there is no bitter taste. It should not be eaten too much each time. It can not be eaten when it is not cooked thoroughly.

3. Wild vegetables, such as water celery, mint, sour buckwheat, gray streaked vegetables, which grow in the edge of the garden and between the fields, can sometimes be inedible due to pesticide and chemical fertilizer pollution. The reason why this kind of wild vegetable is poisoned is mostly related to its tender buds. Some wild vegetables are not edible because they are polluted by pesticides, rodenticides and chemical fertilizers during their growth.

4, Canary, jasmine, tanglihua and other wild vegetables with fresh flowers: most of them are warm and flat. Before eating, they are processed and eaten after picking up the sundries with warm water. Excessive consumption will cause dizziness, headache and other discomfort.

don’t eat unknown wild vegetables

if you want to eat wild vegetables healthily, you must first master the knowledge of wild vegetables, grasp the amount of food, and be careful to eat some wild vegetables that you don’t know and haven’t eaten. In addition, even edible wild vegetables, do not go to the garden field or roadside random picking wild vegetables to eat. Especially the wild vegetables growing near or near the river of the chemical plant should not be picked because of the high content of toxic substances in the wastewater discharged by the chemical plant. Wild vegetables can absorb dust and suspended solids in the air. In addition, spring is the season for the rebirth of insect eggs. Therefore, wild vegetables should be washed thoroughly before eating.

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