Eat vegetables to improve your health. Look at the magic of these vegetables.

vegetables are our biggest excretory organs. However, constipation and diarrhea often occur due to bad living habits. Sweet potato has a good therapeutic effect on both cases. First of all, sweet potatoes do not contain oil and will not cause diarrhea. Secondly, sweet potato contains a lot of dietary fiber, which can absorb water, increase stool volume, stimulate intestinal tract, and make it easier to defecate.


radish has the functions of digestion, soothing Qi, sobering up, resolving phlegm, treating asthma, detoxification, dispersing blood stasis, diuresis, relieving thirst and tonifying deficiency. It is suitable for dyspepsia, fullness of stomach acid, cough, phlegm, chest tightness, asthma, cold, etc. Take 1 radish, wash and slice, decoct in water, add a little sugar instead of tea, cure cough and phlegm; Take radish 1 mash squeeze juice, add a little brown sugar, boiled water, can cure nausea and vomiting; White radish juice 1 bowl, add honey 30 ml total decoction, can treat asthma; Fried radish in dry water, twice a day, can treat enteritis and diarrhea; Drinking and taking raw radish juice, 1 cup each time, twice a day, for one week, can treat hypertension and dizziness.

Chinese cabbage

has the functions of tonifying intestines and stomach, widening chest and removing vexation, relieving alcohol and food, and lowering Qi. It is suitable for the prevention and treatment of cold, tracheitis, pertussis, gastric ulcer bleeding, frostbite, etc. 250 grams of cabbage heart, 60 grams of white radish, fried in water, add brown sugar amount, eat vegetables and drink soup, treat cold at the beginning, several times can be cured; Wash Chinese cabbage, fry thick soup, wash affected area every night, can cure chilblain; Appropriate amount of Chinese cabbage, wash the whole plant, wring juice, add a little sugar, take 30 ml each time, 2-3 times a day, the effect of treating peptic ulcer bleeding is very good; With 100 grams of cabbage, 60 grams of soybeans, decoction, can treat acute jaundice hepatitis; Wash and shred the cabbage heart. Add vinegar, sugar and salt to taste. It can be appetizer.


scallion 3 root, radish 3 pieces, soybean 100g, decoction, cold treatment, good effect; Mash 60 grams of scallion, mix with 60 grams of honey, boil and drink, twice a day, half a spoonful each time, prevent and treat arteriosclerosis; A handful of scallions, and rice porridge, red and white dysentery has excellent curative effect.


is sweet and cold, non-toxic, and has the functions of dispersing blood stasis, detumescence and pain, expelling cold and heat, expelling wind and dredging collaterals, and hemostasis. It is suitable for the treatment of cold and heat, five tuberculosis, food poisoning, rheumatic pain, numbness of hands and feet, bloody stool, bloody urine, trauma and other diseases. Burn eggplant with its stalk, grind it, take 9g on an empty stomach every morning, and send it down with a cup of yellow rice wine, which can cure hematochezia; The eggplant is dried in the sun, ground and applied to the affected area, which has special effect on treating children’s aphthous ulcer; Use 1 eggplant after frost, air dry, grind fine powder, mix with honey and apply on the affected area, especially for stomatitis; Mash eggplant and apply it to the affected area, which can cure the bite of scorpion, snake and centipede; Mash eggplant and apply vinegar to the affected area to cure furuncle, nameless swelling and poison; The white eggplant 60 grams after boiling to slag, add honey appropriate warm, twice a day, the treatment of elderly cough effect is very good; More than ten pieces of eggplant leaves can be used to treat diarrhea; The effect of treating leucorrhea is excellent by decocting 20 grams of white eggplant flower; Break off the tender eggplant and wipe the affected area several times a day, which can cure verruca vulgaris. Generally, it can fall off in about 10 days.

bitter gourd

chewing four or five pieces of bitter gourd can cure acute dysentery; Wash the fresh bitter gourd, mash it into mud and apply it on the boil twice a day. It will heal in a few days without leaving any trace; Fried bitter melon seeds with the end of the research, to wine delivery service, can treat impotence.


was used to treat chronic nephritis. 100g taro and 25g brown sugar were used. Taro was washed and sliced. Taro was put into a pot for charcoal burning and grinding. Finally, taro was mixed with brown sugar, 30g each time, three times a day; Taro 15g, decoction, can cure dysentery; For stomachache, cut the tender taro into thin slices, mix with sugar, and serve with rice in the morning and evening.


hand and foot frostbite, with a piece of dried yam, grinding on; Diabetes is boiled with raw yam and water. Mastitis, breast swelling and pain, external application of yam mud.

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