Eating and drinking will increase stomach pressure!

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what are the hazards of binge eating and drinking?

binge eating and drinking is a kind of harmful behavior, which is an important cause of gastrointestinal and other diseases. The digestive system of the human body has formed a law that adapts to the dietary behavior. A reasonable diet should be three meals a day, with fixed time and quantity. If you suddenly change your eating behavior, eat too much food and drink a lot of drinks in a short time, which is beyond the body’s ability to digest food, it will often cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. If you eat a lot of greasy food, these foods will stay in the gastrointestinal tract, can not be digested in time, it is likely to cause acute gastroenteritis, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

the increase of gastric pressure after eating and drinking can cause acute gastric distention. After eating and drinking, a large amount of digestive juice will be needed to digest food in a short time, which will significantly increase the burden of the pancreas and increase the pressure in the duodenum, thus increasing the risk of acute pancreatitis or acute cholecystitis. The study found that eating and drinking significantly increased the risk of acute heart attack. Frequent eating and drinking, body weight will increase rapidly, short time will be overweight or even obesity, obesity itself is a disease, but also hypertension, diabetes and other chronic disease risk factors.

“ No wine, no dinner;, Generally speaking, wine is indispensable for the gathering of friends and relatives. Drinking a little wine in moderation can activate the atmosphere and enhance understanding. However, excessive drinking is harmful to health! Excessive drinking can cause intestinal mucosal damage and liver function damage, thus affecting the digestion, absorption and transportation of almost all nutrients; Excessive drinking can cause acute alcoholism, which may lead to pancreatitis, resulting in insufficient pancreatic secretion, and then affect the absorption and utilization of protein, fat and fat soluble vitamins; Excessive drinking will make the liver and gallbladder overload operation, accelerate the metabolism of liver cells, increase bile secretion, cause liver function damage and induce cholecystitis. After a large amount of alcohol drinking, the increase of liver fat and metabolic disorder could be observed within a few days.

eat more how to do

1, appropriate take some help digestion food

, such as carrot, water chestnut, hawthorn, malt boiled water to drink. In addition, tea helps digestion. In addition, can also use carrot, water chestnut, hawthorn, malt boiled water to drink.

2, control food

since you have eaten too much, you should let your intestines and stomach rest for a period of time. You’d better have a hungry meal.

3, timely take some drugs to help digestion, such as yeast tablets, multienzyme tablets, Baohe pills, Jianweixiaoshi Tablets, lactobacillus tablets, Shanzha pills, Shanzha Daozhi pills, qizhendan, etc.

4, knead

in a clockwise direction, knead near the epigastric region until the epigastric region feels comfortable.

5, symptomatic Xiaoshi

. If you eat too much fish, mash the ginger and mix it with vinegar. Eat too much meat, chew hawthorn cake. If you eat too much glutinous rice, fry it in 30g water and drink it.

6, walk properly

as the saying goes & lt; If you walk a hundred steps after a meal, you will live ninety-nine years;. Exercise is the best way to help digestion: you can go out for a walk or shopping with your family, and don’t lie down after eating.

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