Eating black garlic after meals can greatly improve immunity.

garlic contains a nutrient called “allicin”. Garlic has an outstanding effect in disease prevention, sterilization and anti-inflammatory. However, due to its rich taste and difficulty in dissipation, many people have more or less concerns about breath when eating garlic. Why don’t you have some fermented black garlic!

what health functions does black garlic have?

black garlic was originally common garlic, which can be pickled into black garlic after 3-4 weeks in high temperature and high humidity environment. Unlike ordinary garlic, black garlic does not have the pungent taste of allicin, so even if you eat black garlic, you will not leave an embarrassing smell in your mouth. In addition, the sugar content of black garlic increases in the process of pickling, and its taste is similar to that of ordinary dry fruit. Many people also like to eat black garlic directly.

in addition, black garlic has good anti-oxidation and anti-aging effect. This is because the content of polyphenols in general garlic is less. After pickling, the content of polyphenols in general garlic increases greatly, which is about 4 times of that in general garlic. It can remove the active oxygen in human body, and achieve the effect of beauty and health. In addition, it can also reduce the cholesterol concentration in the blood, improve immunity, can be said to be a good health food!

chopped black garlic is better than rice with bibimbap.

black garlic tastes good. People can also eat it as a snack directly. It can also increase the delicacy of food when used in daily cooking. For example, in fried rice, the black garlic will be chopped and mixed into fried rice, or chopped and mixed into vegetable salad, the taste will be very delicious. In addition, after frying the fish, the black garlic can be chopped up and spread on the surface of the fish for eating. Black garlic is easy to eat and has a variety of ways. You can explore its delicacy in your daily life!

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