Eating black sesame can reduce cholesterol

Eat black sesame can reduce cholesterol

eat black sesame can reduce cholesterol

eat black sesame can reduce cholesterol? This is mainly due to the unsaturated fatty acids contained in black sesame, which can reduce the total cholesterol and low-density cholesterol, thus protecting cardiovascular health.

in addition, the lecithin contained in black sesame is also the backbone to decompose and reduce cholesterol.

on the other hand, lecithin is one of the components in bile. If the cholesterol in bile is too high and the proportion of bile acid and lecithin is out of balance, it is easy to form gallstones. So eating black sesame can prevent gallstone formation.

in traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame is fried, then crushed, or put into porridge.

experts pointed out that it’s popular to eat five grains and soymilk, use soymilk machine to make soybeans, red beans and other cereals into milk juice, and then put some black sesame seeds, which can enhance physical strength. It is said that the gladiators in ancient Rome had to eat 0.5kg sesame to increase their physical strength more than one hour before the physical fight. In addition, it can also tonify the kidney, blacken hair and protect blood vessels.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that black sesame is flat and suitable for most people. Each time according to personal preferences can eat 15 ~ 30 grams.

it should be noted that eating black sesame can only be an auxiliary diet therapy for lowering blood lipid, and can not be used as a substitute for medicine.

black sesame mulberry paste method

black sesame 60g, mulberry 60g, sugar 10g, rice 30g.

method: black sesame, mulberry, rice were washed, put into the pot mash. Put three bowls of clear water in the casserole, add white sugar after boiling. After the sugar dissolves and the water is reboiled, slowly add the mashed three flavors and cook them into a paste.

efficacy: Ziyin Qingre, reduce blood lipid.

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