Eating canned food correctly is more beneficial!

Eating canned food correctly is more beneficial!

eating canned food correctly is more beneficial!

research shows that eating canned food correctly can help the human body absorb more beneficial substances than fresh fruits and vegetables.

experts studied the ingredients of canned food on the market and found that some canned food contained more beneficial trace elements than fresh fruits and vegetables. Researchers say that most fresh fruits and vegetables can only provide vitamins and minerals to the human body when they are just picked, but usually the preservation conditions of these fruits and vegetables can not retain all the healthy nutrients.

experts explained that the biggest problem in the preservation of fruits and vegetables is that they are usually oxidized, and the oxidation process destroys the beneficial substances, and the inappropriate temperature will make this process more serious. For example, fresh fruits rich in vitamin C will soon lose their beneficial ingredients if they are in a warm environment. In this regard, although canned food does not contain important elements in fresh fruits and vegetables, its nutrients will not be lost due to oxidation.

experts stressed that although canned food is heat processed, it does not affect its beneficial ingredients, such as vitamins K, e, a and D.

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