Eating chocolate helps to improve memory

Eating chocolate can improve memory

eating chocolate can improve memory

breakfast is the most important thing in a day& mdash; People generally have such a consensus, but in fact, snacks also have an indelible health effect, eating right snacks can make you healthier. New research has found that eating chocolate properly can help improve memory.

according to the latest research, cocoa flavanol in chocolate is a good antioxidant, which can improve the memory gradually deteriorated with age.

in this study, healthy people aged 50-69 were followed up, and under the guidance of investigators at Columbia University Medical Center, the subjects were given a drink containing cocoa flavanol for three months. The results showed that people who drank cocoa rich flavanols performed better on memory tests than those who drank less.

in the memory test, the average score of people who consumed more cocoa flavanols was similar to that of young people aged 20-30, the researchers said.

however, it was also pointed out that although the study is persuasive enough, it does not mean that people need to rush to the snack bar immediately to buy a lot of chocolate. In this experiment, the subjects’ daily intake of catechin reached 138 mg, which converted into the content of dark chocolate was about 300 grams of dark chocolate per day, which was almost seven times of the recommended amount of Edible Chocolate per day.

therefore, the appropriate intake of chocolate can help improve memory, but also pay attention not to eat too much every day, a small piece of dark chocolate can.

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