Eating coarse cereals can relieve brain fatigue

Eating coarse cereals can relieve brain fatigue

eating coarse cereals can relieve brain fatigue

dizziness, brain swelling, memory loss, irritability and other problems, which may be due to your brain; Garbage & quot; That’s too much. A new study has found that proper intake of coarse cereals, such as corn, millet, purple rice and oats, is very helpful for clearing brain garbage and relieving brain fatigue.

in the process of mental work, the brain will consume a lot of energy and produce lactic acid, glyoxylic acid and other acidic substances. If they stay in the brain, they are prone to brain fatigue, irritability, irritability, thought interruption, mistakes and memory difficulties, which affect the normal work.

, however, is known as & lt; Vitamins in the brain; Vitamin B1 is the main source of these acids in the body; Cleaner;, It can stimulate the nerve conduction function of the brain, maintain good memory and reduce brain fatigue. But vitamin B1 mainly exists in the germ of grain. The refined rice and white flour that we usually eat lose the nutrition in the germ in the process of processing, which leads to the insufficient supply of vitamin B1. Therefore, eating more coarse grains is conducive to ensuring adequate supply of vitamin B1.

although it is necessary to eat coarse grains, but & lt; Coarse grains & quot; It doesn’t taste like & lt; Fine grain & quot; So smooth, digestion and absorption rate is relatively low, so pay special attention to the way to eat. One of the best ways is to cook coarse grain porridge. Soaking coarse grain overnight can shorten cooking time and taste better. You can also mix coarse grain with fine grain to eat, with protein, mineral rich food to help absorb. In addition, people with poor gastrointestinal function should appropriately eat less coarse grains, such as those with stomach diseases, the elderly and children.

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