Eating garlic scientifically can help you prevent cancer

eating six cloves of garlic every day one month later this happened

Australian researchers found that eating garlic is very helpful for people to reduce blood pressure, and its effect is no less than some antihypertensive drugs. Patients with hypertension can take conventional drugs and increase garlic consumption, The disease is easier to control. In the garlic antihypertensive trial, the researchers asked subjects to take 600-900 mg of garlic containing & lt; Allicin & quot; The control group took a placebo.

results showed that taking & lt; Allicin & quot; The average reduction of high pressure and low pressure was 8.4 mmHg and 7.3 mmHg, respectively. And the higher the blood pressure, the greater the reduction of blood pressure after taking the nutritional supplement. The researchers explained that the amount of allicin in the daily intake of nutritional supplements in the trial was 3.6-5.4 mg, while a fresh clove contained 5-9 mg of allicin.

it is because garlic can significantly reduce hypertension, and thus greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Garlic has many benefits besides lowering blood pressure. Daily eat a few cloves of raw garlic, can effectively prevent the occurrence of acute enteritis. When influenza is prevalent, you can eat raw garlic or vinegar garlic. You can also mash raw garlic, add 10 times water, and drop its juice into your nose, which can also play a preventive role.

eating raw garlic often can also prevent gastric cancer. The reason is that the occurrence of gastric cancer is closely related to the presence of Helicobacter pylori (HP) in the stomach. Garlic can inhibit and kill HP. Enema with 10% garlic aqueous solution is effective in treating refractory chronic bacillary dysentery. Suffering from hyperlipidemia, often eat raw garlic, on the rise of cholesterol, have a certain role in reducing.

scientific eating garlic can help you prevent cancer

1, raw eating has good germicidal effect

in the heating process, the content of organic sulfide which plays an antibacterial role will gradually decline, the higher the temperature, the faster the decline, so cooked eating garlic can not play a good germicidal effect. It’s very healthy to mix cold dishes with garlic at home, to use vinegar and a small amount of mashed garlic with sesame oil when eating dumplings. Note: garlic should not be eaten raw in patients with stomach diseases. Garlic contains alliin, alliinase and other effective substances. After grinding, they will contact each other to form allicin with health function. Therefore, garlic is best mashed into mud to eat, and to put 10 ~ 15 minutes before eating, which is conducive to the formation of allicin.

3, Purple Garlic is more bacteriostatic than white garlic

garlic can be divided into white garlic, purple garlic, black garlic and so on according to the color of the skin, white garlic and purple garlic are more common. Compared with white garlic, purple garlic has more pungent taste, higher content of allicin and more obvious antibacterial effect.

4, add a little sugar to the pan to protect allicin

. When using garlic to pan, the oil temperature should not be too high, and the cooking time should not be too long. Smash the garlic and put it into the pan. If you like to eat sweetness, you can add a little sugar, because sugar can protect allicin and reduce the damage of high temperature to allicin.

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