Eating healthy eggs in summer can cure diseases

Eating healthy eggs in summer can cure diseases

eating healthy eggs in summer can cure diseases

& lt; Dou refers to the southeast, which is called Lixia. Everything grows up here, so it is named Lixia& rdquo; With the temperature rising, the summer of the year is coming. In this season when everything is flourishing, health preservation and disease prevention should not be careless.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that & lt; Xia Qi and Xin Qi are interlinked;, Early summer health care should pay attention to early to bed and early to rise; Rest & quot;, Avoid sweating after exercise. Before getting up, you can exercise on the bed, which is conducive to strengthening the physique. When the weather turns hot, people’s mind is easily disturbed. Therefore, we should maintain a state of clear spirit and happy mood, and avoid sudden joy and sadness.

after the beginning of summer, the weather gets hot, people will feel irritable and angry, and their appetite will decline. Therefore, the principle of diet in the beginning of summer is & lt; It can increase acid and reduce bitterness, tonify kidney and liver, and regulate stomach qi;. To be specific, the diet should be light, with easy to digest, rich in vitamins based food, big fish and meat and greasy spicy food to eat less. Mung bean, lotus seed, lotus leaf, reed root, lentil, etc. can be added to japonica rice to cook porridge, which can be eaten after cooling. It has the effect of invigorating stomach and expelling heat.

there are different traditional food customs in different parts of the country, and the most classic one is & lt; Lixia egg & quot; It’s too late. The custom of eating eggs at the beginning of summer has a long history; In the beginning of summer, eggs are eaten, but not in the hot days;, That is to say, eating eggs at the beginning of summer can prevent the common symptoms of summer, such as loss of appetite, body fatigue, weakness and so on. However, there are many kinds of eggs. How to eat them depends on your constitution.

the most commonly eaten egg has the function of calming the nerves and nourishing the heart. Eating eggs when sick can help to restore physical strength. Eggs are not harmful to the spleen and stomach. They are suitable for ordinary people. They are also ideal food for infants, pregnant women, puerpera and patients. However, they should not be eaten more, 1 & mdash; a day; Two are more suitable.

duck eggs are cool in nature and can nourish yin and clear lung. It is suitable for people with Yin deficiency and excessive fire. It is suitable for people with body deficiency, dry heat cough, sore throat, hypertension, diarrhea and dysentery after illness. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it can tonify the middle and replenish qi. It is suitable for patients with chronic nephritis, hepatitis and chronic body deficiency. Boiled eggs in white water is the best way to eat, fried eggs have a large loss of vitamins, immature eggs are best not to eat.

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