Eating healthy food in spring is healthy all year round!

Eating healthy food in spring is healthy all year round!

it’s healthy to eat health food in spring all year round!

to the beginning of spring, all things recovery. All things in spring can be tonic. Many people think that they have enough to eat in the Spring Festival and are not interested in anything. In fact, we should eat skillfully in spring. Eating right is to keep in good health. We are in good health all year long!


has a miraculous effect in the treatment of tonsillitis. Dandelion in April followed by shepherd’s purse came out, with yellow flowers, and then quickly flew with a small umbrella. Dandelion is also slightly bitter, cold with delicious. Because it has a very good liver detoxification function, with it in the treatment of tonsillitis and mastitis, as well as acute icteric hepatitis are all successful.

a friend of mine called me at the drugstore in an almost speechless voice to ask what anti-inflammatory drugs to buy. I told him not to be interfered by the salesmen in the drugstore. Just go to the traditional Chinese medicine box, spend one yuan and twenty cents, buy two dandelions, go back to the office to boil water, drink all the time, and then we can have a meeting in the evening. He was suspicious and said that if he didn’t get well in the evening, he would settle with me. I’ll call you in the evening. If it’s OK, you’ll invite me to dinner. As a result, I only cost him one yuan to cure his throat!


detoxification cooling blood swelling master. Viola yedoensis, a small purple wild flower that looks like a noble iris, can be seen everywhere in spring. It is cold in nature and slightly bitter in taste. It can also clear away heat and poison, cool blood and detumescence. It is the same master as dandelion. Blanched, cold, delicious.

Andrographis paniculata:

can cure acne. This dish with thick, shiny green leaves is perfect for this season. Andrographis paniculata on the table is used for vegetables. Although it has the effect of clearing fire, it is different from medicinal Andrographis paniculata. Medicinal Andrographis paniculata can’t be eaten.

smashing the leaves and flowers of Andrographis paniculata can be used to treat acne and pressure induced acne. It also has curative effect on eczema caused by indigestion in young children. It is bitter in taste and cold in nature. It has the functions of clearing away heat and toxin, cooling blood, detumescence and eliminating dryness and dampness. In addition, it also contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiviral components such as andrographolide. It can be eaten in spring, and it has preventive and therapeutic effects on influenza, pneumonia, love attack laryngitis, stomatitis, hypertension and cholecystitis.

soybean sprouts:

soybean sprouts had the highest nutritional value. Soybean sprouts have the highest nutritional value among all bean sprouts, and the utilization rate of protein is much higher than that of soybean protein. Moreover, the indigestible polysaccharides in soybean all slip away quietly in the germination process, avoiding the abdominal distension and allergy of eating soybean. The content of vitamin C and amino acid is the highest when soybean just sprouts, which is easy to be absorbed and utilized. After this stage, the longer the sprouts, the lower the nutrition.

mung bean sprouts:

good medicine in the eyes of doctors. Although the nutritional value of mung bean sprout is not as high as that of soybean sprout, in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, mung bean sprout is a good medicine: mung bean sprout is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It can not only clear away summer heat, dredge channels and remove toxins, but also regulate the five internal organs, beautify skin and relieve dampness and heat. If you have mouth ulcers, yellow urine, water flowing out from behind your ears, and eye droppings in the spring, you should eat more mung bean sprouts to detoxify.

new buds:

the most energy delicious. In addition to mung bean sprouts, black bean sprouts can often be seen in supermarkets. In addition, there are Chinese toon sprouts, radish sprouts, and wheat sprouts, which are edible and nutritious. They can be produced from two sheets of tissue paper at home. It’s better to add some olive oil to make a salad.

spring is the season of growth, and new shoots are also the most energetic delicacy. The spring bamboo shoots, which are popular among southerners, can help us scrape off the sausage oil in winter; The spurting Chinese toon bud can supplement the hormone of helping reproduction for us; And Magnolia bud also has the energy of clearing fire and detoxifying. These buds, because they have accumulated all winter’s nutrition, have high nutritional value.

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