Eating midnight snack may lead to memory loss

Night owls who stay up late due to work need often feel hungry and cold in the early morning. At this time, it is very necessary to eat a little night snack to supplement energy. But night sleepers should pay attention. Scientists have found that eating night sleepers may lead to memory loss.

like many animals, human beings have an internal biological clock which is consistent with the cycle of light and dark, that is, circadian rhythm. In order to study whether the change of eating time will have adverse effects on memory, scientists from the University of California in the United States have done a study on experimental rats.

before the experiment, the scientists divided the rats into two groups. One group followed the normal eating and sleeping schedule, while the other group ate and made them accustomed to this kind of work and rest during the normal sleeping time. At the beginning of the experiment, the researchers placed the mice in a box containing two objects and asked them to remember them. Then they were placed in a box containing a familiar object and a new object, and the time for the two groups to recognize the object they had seen was calculated.

the results of the study showed that compared with the rats with normal eating time, eating at the time when they should normally go to bed would damage the memory of the rats, and it took them longer to recognize familiar objects, even if their sleeping time was the same as that of the rats following the normal eating and sleeping schedule.

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