Eating more black pepper can improve appetite

Black pepper is rich in volatile oil, and it also contains piperine and other flavor substances, so it has a unique flavor.

piperine, on the one hand, brings fragrance, on the other hand, brings spicy taste, which can stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and promote digestion. Moreover, black pepper also contains sabinene, sunflower element and other aromatic ingredients, which can also help to improve appetite.

pepper is also a good food for strengthening and warming the stomach. It can relieve stomachache caused by stomach cold, vomiting, abdominal pain caused by cold, diarrhea and loss of appetite.

in addition to black pepper, there are white pepper on the market. Don’t think that they are made of two kinds of raw materials. In fact, they are the fruits of pepper tree. They only use fruits with different maturities and different processing methods.

black pepper is made by soaking in boiling water when the fruit begins to turn red and then drying in the sun; White pepper is harvested when the fruit is completely red, soaked in water for several days, removed the exocarp and dried in the sun.

because black pepper does not remove the skin, the flavor is richer and the seasoning effect is better.

at present, there are about two kinds of pepper products on the market: powder and granule. The former is easy to use, but the fragrance is easy to volatilize; The latter is relatively easier to preserve because the fragrance is wrapped in the seeds.

good black pepper color is dark brown, uniform size, full and bright. Smell a smell, the smell is strong, a small amount of taste, the taste is spicy. Be alert to the black pepper particles dyed. If you twist them with your hand, they may fall black. If it’s black pepper, it can’t be big or small.

black pepper and beef is the best match, black pepper beef fillet, black pepper steak are good. Black pepper can promote the secretion of gastric acid and further promote the digestion of beef in the stomach. Moreover, its taste is more exciting, can inspire the spirit, add energy. After grinding black pepper into powder, it becomes the most widely used spice in the world. When making spaghetti and stir frying vegetables, you might as well sprinkle a little black pepper, which is very tasty.

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