Eating more Caramel can cause cancer, so we should be careful with

Eat more Caramel will cause cancer, need to be careful

eat more Caramel will cause cancer, need to be careful

Belgium Institute of Public Health Sciences (ISP) a new study pointed out that the widely used color caramel in the food industry will generate new toxic and carcinogenic substances, harmful to human health.

it should be made clear that Caramel without any additives (e150a: ordinary Caramel) is not harmful to health and only becomes harmful when mixed with ammonia and / or sulfite. This situation usually occurs in the food industry, and is generally used to achieve the purpose of beautiful and attractive smell.

the Academy of Public Health Sciences said that adding ammonia and sulfite to three kinds of color Caramel (e150b: caustic sulfite caramel, e150c: ammonia caramel, e150d: ammonium sulfite Caramel) will form new harmful substances. However, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) believes that there is no need to panic, focusing on keeping the concentration of new substances as low as possible.

in a statement issued by the Academy of Public Health Sciences, the purpose of the study is only to raise public awareness of new substances and expose & lt; Color Caramel & quot; The truth behind it. The study also stressed that even if the caramel standard is not necessarily harmful to adult health, it is not good for children. In fact, there are a lot of processed products in children’s diet.

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