Eating more ginger is harmful to the body!

Eating more ginger is harmful to the body!

eating more ginger is harmful to the body!

although ginger is good, you must not eat too much ginger. Eating too much ginger may cause harm to your body.

1, affect the digestive organs

according to the research, eating a lot of ginger is the main cause of heartburn, diarrhea, stomach distension and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the intake of ginger for people with a history of gastric ulcer, intestinal diseases and poor digestive system.

2, leading to abortion

it is said that eating ginger has a certain effect on relieving pregnancy and vomiting, but according to the introduction, eating too much ginger may also have adverse effects. Reported that eating more than 1 gram of ginger a day, is likely to affect the fetal sex hormones, the possibility of abortion. Therefore, pregnant women can not eat ginger at will or even in large quantities. If ginger soup is needed to relieve pregnant vomiting, it is also recommended to consult a doctor first.

, causing hypoglycemia

. It is understood that the effect of ginger on inhibiting the rise of blood sugar has been studied and confirmed. Therefore, if you have dizziness and general weakness after eating ginger, it is actually a dangerous sign of hypoglycemia. At this time, you should immediately eat candy or juice with high sugar content, sweet drinks, etc. to improve the blood sugar situation. If it still does not improve, you should be sent to the doctor immediately.

4, hindering coagulation

large amount of ginger can promote sleep and make people calm. Therefore, when there are hemorrhagic diseases such as nosebleed, menorrhagia, hematuria and so on, because people are in sleep, the role of coagulation system will be greatly reduced. In addition, when patients with heart disease need to eat warfarin and other anticoagulant drugs or health products, special attention should also be paid to the intake of ginger.

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