Eating more of these fruits is good for your health

eating more of these fruits is good for your health

1, avocado

hair dyeing and perm, the process of hair dyeing and perm will take away the moisture and oil in the hair, making the hair dry. Mature avocado contains 30% of the precious vegetable oil & mdash& mdash; Oleic acid has a special effect on dry hair.

2, grape

long term smokers accumulate a lot of toxins in their lungs and their functions are damaged. Grape contains active ingredients can improve cell metabolism rate, help lung cells detoxification. In addition, grape also has expectorant effect.

3, pineapple

after muscle strain, tissue inflammation, poor blood circulation, red swelling and hot pain of the injured part. Bromelain in pineapple has anti-inflammatory effect and can promote tissue repair.

4, mango

anti wrinkle mango is the best fruit to prevent wrinkles, because it is rich in B-carotene and unique enzyme, which can stimulate the vitality of skin cells and promote waste discharge.

5, papaya

excessive use of eyes, excessive use of eyes, retina sensitivity depends on the key material vitamin A consumption, at this time need to eat papaya can provide a lot of vitamin A.

6, banana

excessive brain use leads to vitamin, mineral and heat deficiency in human body. Supplement of banana can provide necessary nutrients and relieve negative emotions.

7, orange

beriberi trouble, people who lack vitamin B1 are easy to suffer from beriberi trouble. Orange is the best choice in this case. It is rich in vitamin B1 and helps glucose metabolism.

8, kiwifruit

gingival bleeding, lack of vitamin C gingival become fragile, often bleeding, swelling, kiwifruit vitamin C content is the most abundant in fruits.

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