Eating olive can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Eating olives can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

eating olives can prevent Alzheimer’s disease

a study shows that some polyphenols contained in olives can delay the progress of brain diseases, improve mitochondrial dysfunction, and thus play a role in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

a new study examines the role of Olives, an important part of the Mediterranean diet, in preventing neurodegenerative symptoms such as memory loss. They believe the fruit contains nutrients that can prevent or even reverse Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

the newly extracted substance from olives will first be tested in a cell culture dish to test its ability to protect nerve cells from toxins associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found that the most active compound in olives improved brain function in mice with neurodegenerative diseases. Previous studies have found that there is a correlation between olive oil consumption and the incidence rate of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers are currently working on new technologies to extract these substances from olive trees, so that they can be more easily extracted and the yield can be significantly improved.

if you don’t put white rice, the congee made with Coix lacryma jobI and yam may taste slightly worse and not sticky enough, and it will be much better if you add white rice. Can also put a few dates, or add a few euryale, taste better, nutrition is more comprehensive. If you want to be convenient, you can also use soymilk machine to make it. Soak it the night before and make it paste in the morning, but you must not have too many raw materials, otherwise it will paste the pot.

thin old people should pay more attention to the daily diet of tonifying spleen, invigorating Qi, invigorating spleen and appetizing food, such as japonica rice, indica rice, Guoba, cooked lotus root, millet, yam, lentil, beef, mandarin fish, grape, red jujube, carrot, potato, mushroom, etc. Cold nature, easy to damage the temper of food to eat less, such as balsam pear, cucumber, wax gourd, eggplant, cabbage, celery, water bamboo, lettuce, persimmon and so on. Some meat seems to be nutritious, but it tastes thick and greasy, which easily hinders the transport function of Spleen Qi. It can also become an indirect factor leading to body weight loss, such as duck, pork, turtle, oyster, milk, sesame and so on.

for the digestion and absorption disorders caused by aging, tooth loss, taste loss and other situations, the family should increase the pattern of the diet of the elderly, cut and stew, so as to stimulate appetite and easy digestion and absorption. In addition, the elderly should pay attention to keep enough sleep to improve their appetite and exercise more to improve their physique. Some chronic diseases, such as tumor, diabetes, chronic liver and chronic gastrointestinal diseases, which increase consumption or affect absorption, will also lead to the body loss of the elderly. We should treat the primary disease in time, and the effect of diet therapy is very limited.

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