Eating purple food can delay aging

Eating purple food often can delay aging; Every time I look in the mirror, I look at the wrinkles and climb up my face. Suddenly, I feel very sad. Why do I grow old so fast& rdquo; Beauty is a woman’s nature. Which woman doesn’t want to have delicate skin? Which woman wants to live like an old woman? Maybe I have used many skin care methods, but the effect is mediocre. In fact, have you noticed that there are many purple foods in our daily life, because they contain the most special substance anthocyanins, which can play a role in delaying aging!


blueberries are known as & lt; Super fruit;, In addition to anti-aging, it can also prevent and improve vision, colon cancer, and eliminate eye fatigue.

purple cabbage

in addition to anthocyanins, purple cabbage also contains a certain number of important antioxidants: vitamin E and vitamin A precursors. It contains sulfur to maintain skin health. Skin allergy women can eat a lot of oh.

purple carrot

except blueberry, the most anthocyanin is vegetables and fruits, that is, purple carrot. Carrots have their own characteristics; Small Ginseng & quot; It is said that purple carrots are more beneficial to health. In addition to anti-aging effect, they can also prevent cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Mulberry

in addition to anti-aging, mulberry can also improve the blood supply of the skin, nourish, whiten the skin, brighten the eyes and dark hair. It is a very good female beauty food.

purple grape

purple grape is second only to blueberry and purple carrot, which is rich in anthocyanins. Its flavonoid is also a strong antioxidant, which is an excellent anti-aging food.

purple onion

onion itself contains trace element selenium, is a strong antioxidant, can enhance the vitality of cells, delay aging. The purple onion skin also contains anthocyanins, has a good anti-aging function Oh.


in addition to anthocyanins, eggplant also contains vitamin E, which can delay cell aging due to oxidation and maintain youthful appearance. Eggplant is still a strong anti-cancer hand. It can prevent and treat gastric cancer.

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