Eating radish in winter can help digest fat and increase appetite

Eating radish in winter can help digest fat and increase appetite

benefits of eating radish in winter

as the saying goes: & lt; If you eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription for a year;. In our country, the folk culture has always been & quot; Small Ginseng & quot; Radish is one of the best products in winter. Eating raw can not only help digestion, increase appetite, but also get rid of greasy, smooth digestion; If you make dishes with other food partners, they also have different effects. It is suitable for both raw and cooked food, raw taste is pungent and cold, cooked taste is sweet and cool, and has high nutritional value and medicinal value. Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist, highly praised radish and advocated eating every meal. In compendium of Materia Medica, he mentioned that radish can & lt; Da Xia Qi, Xiao Gu He Zhong, Qu Xie re Qi;. Radish has a unique spicy taste, raw food can help digestion, stomach digestion, increase appetite; It can also promote bile secretion and help digest fat.

in addition, radish is one of the main raw materials of pickles, pickles and dried vegetables. Besides glucose, sucrose, fructose, crude fiber, vitamin C, minerals and a small amount of crude protein, it also contains a variety of amino acids.

it is worth mentioning that when people eat radish, they are used to peeling off the skin of radish. However, 98% of the calcium in radish is in the skin of radish. Therefore, it is best to eat radish with skin. Of course, although radish is good, it should be avoided. Because of its sweet taste and cold nature, it is better to eat less for those with deficiency of spleen and stomach, lack of food or weak constitution; Radish gas, take ginseng, raw and cooked earth, Polygonum multiflorum and other tonics do not eat, otherwise it will affect the efficacy. In addition, because eating raw radish produces more gas, it is also harmful to ulcer disease, so patients with such diseases should eat less.

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