Eating Sanbao in autumn can help you clear away heat and dryness

In autumn, eating Sanbao can help you clear away fire and dryness

in autumn, eating Sanbao can help you clear away fire and dryness

water chestnut, horseshoe and Euryale ferox are all aquatic plants. They not only taste fresh, but also have the special ability of nourishing yin. Nutrition experts suggest that early autumn to eat underwater three treasures, nourish the body, qinghuoquzao.

horseshoe with shrimp is fresh and not greasy.

don’t look down on small horseshoe. It not only tastes good, but also has many ways to eat. Peeled and sliced, fried and eaten with shrimp or meat, can play the role of greasy solution, nutrition is more balanced. Horseshoe is sweet and cold in nature. It can clear away heat, purge fire and dispel dryness. When I have a cold due to wind heat or when I feel sick in throat, I will squeeze some horseshoe juice to drink, which can play a very good role in relieving. Usually, it can be juiced with corn and milk. It is nutritious and tastes very good. It can also protect liver and sober up.

we usually eat horseshoes, which are washed and cooked. Although they are not fresh when eaten raw, they are still crisp and full of strength. The elderly and children are also better chewed. It should be noted that horseshoe is a kind of aquatic vegetable, some of which grow in mud and are easy to be polluted and breed bacteria. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat it raw. It is better to wash it and cook it. If you want to eat it raw, you must peel it after washing it. It is suggested to soak it in hot water for a short time, which will be safer. Fried lotus root with water chestnut can nourish yin and clear away heat

water chestnut grows in lake water because it is rich in starch, protein, vitamins and minerals, which is comparable to nuts. Water chestnut is a cool food, which can relieve internal heat and stop thirst in summer and autumn. Because the tender water chestnut is not fully mature, it is green and can be eaten as a fruit. It is crisp, cool and sweet. But tender water chestnut tastes a little astringent, and don’t eat too much.

tender water chestnut is cyan. When it is fully mature, it will turn red or black. At this time, the taste is more smooth. Because it is rich in starch, it can be used as & lt; Food & quot; To eat, peel the water chestnut and cut it into pieces. Stir fry it with lotus root and lotus seed. It’s fresh and refreshing. Pay attention to the sharp thorns on the water chestnut, especially the old water chestnut with red and black skin. If you are not careful, you will hurt your mouth. Be careful when eating. In addition, water chestnut belongs to cold food, spleen and kidney deficiency cold people eat less.


are good ingredients for clearing heat, relieving dryness, invigorating spleen and removing dampness, benefiting kidney and strengthening essence. Buy some dried Euryale nuts in supermarkets or traditional Chinese medicine stores and cook porridge with walnuts, jujubes and japonica rice. Fresh Euryale ferox is easy to cook, but dry Euryale ferox is hard. It’s better to soak the Euryale ferox for about 8 hours, and then cook it together with other ingredients. It tastes soft and rotten, and it’s easy to digest. Now supermarkets also have ground Gorgon powder, which is very convenient for cooking porridge.

if there are old people at home, you can often cook some Gorgon porridge to drink, nourishing the spleen and kidney, which can play a very good role in health care, especially for the treatment of frequent urination of the elderly; It can also be stewed with tremella and jujube, which is a good healthy dessert. It should be noted that Euryale ferox has the effect of astringency and astringency. You should not eat too much at a time, otherwise it will be difficult to digest and cause constipation.

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