Eating slowly has seven magical effects

although eating is a small thing, it has a lot of knowledge. Some people wolf down their meals, others chew slowly, and so on. Different eating habits have opposite effects. If you eat slowly, it plays an extremely important role in human health. For example, chew slowly to prevent bladder cancer. This is because saliva not only has the function of anti oxidation, but also eliminates oxygen free radicals in the body, decomposes entrance carcinogens, reduces the incidence rate of cancer, and the rhythm of meals should not be too fast.

in addition, chew slowly and have the following 7 magic effects.

1, clean mouth and prevent bacteria

. Saliva secreted during chewing contains lysozyme and other antibacterial factors, which can effectively prevent bacteria from staying and reproducing. Therefore, the wound in the mouth can generally heal itself, and it is rarely infected.

2, protection of gums and gums

. Chewing a few times, will lead to mandibular degradation, so that the gums become fragile. And chew, chew more can exercise jaw strength, promote the health of the gums. More chewing can also promote gingival blood circulation.

3, effective weight control

. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the brain nerves to receive satiety signals. Chewing and swallowing slowly can prolong the meal time, stimulate the satiety nerve center, feed back the signal of “I’m full” to the brain, make people feel full earlier and stop eating, which helps to control the weight.

4 and

. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to “ant nature”, which refers to learning to drink ants, eat less, chew slowly. This way of eating can promote the secretion of gastric juice, grind the food finer, facilitate digestion and absorption, and reduce the burden of gastrointestinal tract. Chewing can also increase saliva, in which digestive enzymes can help digestion, but also the formation of a protective stomach film. The old people’s teeth are loose, their digestive function is gradually reduced, the secretion of various digestive fluids is reduced, and the intestinal peristalsis is weakened, so they should chew and swallow slowly.

5, relieve tension and anxiety

. When eating, you can chew slowly and concentrate, so that the taste buds can fully enjoy every taste. The more you chew, the more delicious the food is. You are full and full. Psychologically speaking, it can make people calm down after a busy day and face the noisy urban life with a peaceful attitude, which makes people feel happy.

6, reduce wrinkles, delay aging

. Saliva contains salivary gland hormone, which can participate in promoting the proliferation of skin cells and maintaining skin elasticity. In addition, chewing will exercise the muscles around the mouth and make the facial muscles tighter. In the Mediterranean region known for its longevity, people can eat three or four hours of dinner, which is also considered to be one of the secrets of longevity.

7, improve brain thinking ability

. When you chew and swallow slowly, the blood circulation of cerebral cortex will increase, which can stimulate the activity of brain nerve and effectively improve brain power. Chewing a handful of raw peanut or sunflower seeds every day can not only increase the time of chewing, which is rich in vitamin E, lecithin and linolenic acid, but also nourish brain cells, which is very helpful for the prevention of cognitive impairment.

above is yo share meal, please chew slowly, there are 7 magic effect detailed introduction, I hope to help you further understand the diet health. Therefore, in daily life, the majority of friends must develop good eating habits, pay attention to chew slowly, actively do a good job in health care, and strive to eat healthily and live long!

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