Eating sugary cereals for breakfast is very harmful to health. The delicious recipe for breakfast is

. Eating breakfast is a guarantee of health, but you can’t eat breakfast casually. In fact, some foods are not suitable for breakfast recipes. Let’s learn more about them.

Can’t be breakfast food

1, sugary cereal

imagine how many people eat sugary cereal every morning? It’s not surprising at all. Its convenience is obvious, if you choose the grain without sugar coating, of course it is good for your health. But when we eat breakfast, we should be alert to these misunderstandings:

1, fried eggs

are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, which can be regarded as a comprehensive and balanced food material. Now, many people eat breakfast, most of the eggs into fried eggs. However, for breakfast, the proportion of fat is very high, which makes breakfast unhealthy. Even if you eat egg sandwiches, you will also add auxiliary seasonings, such as mayonnaise. Therefore, if you want to eat eggs for breakfast, try to choose boiled eggs, which will be healthier.

2, confusion & lt; Pure milk & quot& ldquo; Breakfast milk & quot;

milk is a must for many people to have breakfast; Pure milk & quot; And & lt; Breakfast milk & quot; be confused. In fact, the two are different. Although pure milk and breakfast milk have milk ingredients, their nutritional components and ingredients are different. Pure milk is just fresh milk, while breakfast milk has ingredients such as milk, peanut, water, malt extract, oat, egg powder, stabilizer, iron fortifier, zinc fortifier, etc. the protein content of breakfast milk is usually more than 2.3%, while the protein content of pure milk is generally between 2.9% and 3.1%. When eating, individuals should pay attention to the differences and match with the corresponding food to be healthier.

3, choose sweets

breakfast seems to be a good time for many people to eat sweets, choose fruit bread, cinnamon rolls, chocolate muffins, croissants & hellip& hellip; But do you know that eating too sweet snacks for breakfast is not good for your health. Too much sugar in breakfast makes people hungry. At the same time, the fat and a large amount of sugar in the snacks containing butter and cream make people inadvertently take in too much energy, leading to obesity risk. Therefore, the main food for breakfast should not be too sweet.

4, eat processed meat

European style breakfast, bacon, sausage, bacon and other processed meat appearance frequency is very high. Although this kind of breakfast looks very stylish and high-end, from a healthy point of view, processed meat is not a good choice. In breakfast, it is very important to get enough protein, but it also contains more salt than ordinary meat. Processed meat will have more fat than ordinary meat, which may increase the amount of bad cholesterol and increase the risk of stroke. Therefore, if you want to eat meat for breakfast, try not to eat processed meat.

5, eat a variety of snacks for breakfast

if you get up in the morning, time is not enough, you will pick up snacks for breakfast, convenient and fast. Some experts point out that it is OK to eat snacks when you are hungry, but it is unscientific and bad to use snacks as the most important breakfast in three meals a day. Snacks are mostly dry food, and in the morning, the human body is in a semi dehydrated state, snacks are not easy to digest and absorb. Moreover, the main raw material of snacks such as biscuits is grain. Although it can provide energy in a short time, it will make the human body feel hungry very quickly, and the blood sugar level will drop significantly by noon. Eating snacks at breakfast is easy to cause malnutrition and physical decline, which leads to the invasion of various diseases.

Three principles for breakfast:

1. There must be rich varieties, balanced diet and comprehensive nutrition; 2. There must be carbohydrates to supplement enough energy;

three, must supplement vitamin, that is not to be ignored important nutrients, and breakfast intake absorption rate is the highest.

Breakfast recipe

recipe 1

buy: steamed bread, soybean milk, dried tofu, salted duck egg, fresh orange.

preparation: heat two steamed buns, cut salted duck eggs in half, eat half of them, put 50g dried tofu on a plate, cut fresh orange, and serve with 250ml soybean milk.

recipe 2

buy: sandwich bread, meat floss, peanut butter, breakfast milk, tomato.

preparation: take two slices of sandwich bread, spread a small spoonful of peanut butter on one slice, spread about 20 grams of meat floss on the other slice, and add a tomato slice in the middle. The milk consumption is 250 ml.

recipes 3

buy: whole wheat bread, sausage, yogurt, eggs and cucumbers.

production: take two to three slices of whole wheat bread, boiled eggs, and then take 1 / 2 of cucumber cut into small strips and add a little salt, with a sausage, drink 200 ml yogurt.

recipe 4

buy: hamburger bread, cheese, jam, breakfast milk, nutritious cereal, kiwi fruit.

production: hamburger bread cut in half, spread a small spoonful of jam, add two pieces of cheese in the middle; A slice of kiwi fruit can be added to bread or eaten directly. Pour the milk into the cup and drink with proper amount of nutritious cereal.

recipe 5

buy: bean paste bag, soybean milk, sufu, egg, apple.

preparation: heat two adzuki bean sandbags, boil the eggs, take a small amount of sufu, and serve with soybean milk and apple. 250 ml soybean milk.

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