Eating the right food can overcome jet lag. A healthy diet guide for flying is

. It’s the best thing to look forward to when you travel to relax. However, if you get airsick, tired, anxious and other discomfort by flying, you will lose half of your physical strength first! In fact, all kinds of long-distance travel discomfort can be improved by food. Let’s see what the experts suggest!

Time difference

research shows that if you eat the right food, you are 16 times more likely to overcome time difference than other travelers! So what should we eat? It is recommended to choose a good digestion meal on the plane to satisfy your hunger. Eating high protein food after landing can make you energetic to face the new time zone. Another small suggestion is to eat breakfast on the plane, you can choose light food with eggs!


for many people, flying alone is enough to feel very anxious. Fortunately, there is food to help! Vitamin B helps relieve stress in the nervous system, and chewing celery sticks before boarding can help you calm down. In addition, lack of water can lead to irritability, so don’t forget to drink more water, don’t drink bars! As for on-board meals, it is recommended to choose vegetable based meals or snacks containing cereals, vegetables and fruits.


fatigue is a very common flight symptom, especially when crossing time zones. It’s recommended to choose a meal rich in zinc and high protein, which can help you work in flight or go straight to a meeting when you get off the plane. In fact, clinical tests have shown that high zinc intake is associated with higher intellectual performance. In addition, if these proteins are combined with vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, they can stimulate the brain.

another good choice for fatigue is pepper! Peppers can improve sleep on board, so you’ll be more energetic when you land!

Before getting on the plane, avoid gas producing foods such as bread, cauliflower, beans and peaches to avoid causing flatulence. Before flying, you should also eat less fattening foods, so as not to slow down digestion, such as salty snacks, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Suggest drinking some green tea, can stimulate digestive enzymes, let the body detoxification. Other foods that help with flatulence are bananas, cherries, onions and garlic.

are you learning? Don’t eat when you take the plane next time, so that you can play more vigorously!

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