Eating these dishes in spring can keep your health,

Eating these vegetables in spring can keep your health. Eating these vegetables in spring can keep your health. Health is also divided into seasons. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are five elements to keep your health, such as nourishing liver in spring and kidney in winter. Spring health should also choose a good method, food is very good. Spring to eat more of the following vegetables, health effects super good Oh! Shepherd’s purse

shepherd’s purse is rich in nutrients, with high contents of vitamin C, carotenoids and various minerals. In particular, its calcium content is close to three times of the same quality milk. Shepherd’s purse also has certain medicinal value. Traditional medicine believes that it can be used for auxiliary treatment of dysentery, enteritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases. Shepherd’s purse can be used to make stuffing, and can also be blanched for cold mixing, spreading eggs, boiling soup and porridge, etc.

bean sprouts

spring climate is dry, prone to dry mouth, dry lips and other symptoms of angular stomatitis, and bean sprouts taste delicious, is a good choice to nourish Runzao, Qingre Jiedu. Both soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts have higher vitamin content, higher utilization rate of minerals, and easier absorption of protein and polysaccharide. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, eating bean sprouts in early spring can help the five zang organs turn from winter storage to spring life, which is conducive to liver Qi dredging, spleen and stomach strengthening. There are many ways to eat bean sprouts. They can be boiled and then cold mixed. They can also be used as soup and hot pot.


spinach is sweet and cool, entering the intestine and stomach. It has the effects of tonifying blood and stopping bleeding, benefiting five zang organs, dredging blood vessels, relieving thirst and moistening intestines, nourishing yin and calming liver, helping digestion and clearing heat toxin in intestines and stomach. It is often effective in the adjuvant treatment of liver Qi discomfort complicated with stomach disease. It has a good therapeutic effect on hypertension, headache, dizziness and anemia caused by insufficient liver yin in spring.

spring bamboo shoots

spring bamboo shoots are popular as a special fresh vegetable in spring. Spring bamboo shoots taste fresh and tender, rich in nutrition, and have the effects of nourishing yin and blood, resolving phlegm and eliminating food, facilitating eyesight and so on. Many people like to eat them. However, bamboo shoots not only contain more insoluble calcium oxalate, which is easy to induce calculus, but also make people contact with toxic substances if they are not treated properly; Hydrogen cyanide;, It can hinder the use of oxygen by cells and endanger health. Therefore, we should pay special attention to it when eating. We should not eat too many bamboo shoots at a time. It’s better not to eat more than half of them per person per meal.

Chinese chives

Chinese chives are edible all year round, but the quality is the best in early spring. Leek is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and effectively prevent habitual constipation and colorectal cancer; Sausagebrush & quot; It’s called “the best of the best”. Leeks are warm in nature, so eating them in spring can strengthen Yang Qi and improve people’s immunity, especially people with cold hands and feet on weekdays may as well eat more leeks. There are many ways to eat leeks, fried eggs with leeks, or fried lean pork with leeks are good choices.


; Spring dishes;, It is one of the most suitable vegetables for spring. Lettuce is rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber and other ingredients. A Japanese study found that some substance in lettuce can resist rhinitis caused by allergies in spring and relieve the pain of allergic patients. Lettuce can be used to cool, burn, fry, but also processing pickles, pickles and so on.

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