Eating these foods for dinner can ruin sleep!

Eating these foods for dinner can ruin sleep!

eating these foods for dinner will destroy sleep!

if you want to sleep well at night, you must pay attention to dinner. This stress does not mean to eat well and eat abundantly, but to choose to eat, must not eat the following food, otherwise it will destroy sleep.

1, food with high water content

celery and cucumber, watermelon, radish and other food with high water content, is a natural diuretic, eating too much before going to bed will increase the number of nights, interfere with sleep.

2, spicy food

spicy food such as pepper, garlic and raw onion can cause heartburn and indigestion in some people, thus interfering with your sleep.

3, caffeinated drinks or foods

caffeine can stimulate the nervous system, make breathing and heartbeat faster, blood pressure rise, it will also reduce the secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland of the brain, with hypnotic effect. This kind of food includes coffee, tea, chocolate and so on.

4, greasy dinner

eating a pile of high-fat food at night will prolong the digestion time of the stomach, resulting in a bad night’s sleep. It’s better to arrange the most abundant meal for breakfast or lunch, and eat less and light for dinner. It’s better to choose some low-fat but protein containing foods, such as fish, chicken or lean meat. Another advantage of this way of eating is to avoid getting fat.

5, make abdominal flatulence food

eat let abdominal flatulence food, stomach bulge, how to sleep. These foods include beans, cabbage, onion, broccoli, cabbage, green pepper, eggplant, potato, sweet potato, taro, corn, banana, bread, citrus fruit, grapefruit and drinks and desserts with sorbitol.

6, high sugar food

eating high sugar food before going to bed will not only make the body have no extra time to burn fat, but also send the wrong energy message to the body, the unburned fat will be automatically stored, affecting the body posture and increasing blood lipids. In addition, the study found that eating high sugar food before going to bed is the most likely way to have nightmares.

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