Eating these foods makes you age faster

Eat these foods to make you old quickly

eat these foods to make you old quickly

there are many kinds of food in life, including those that can make your skin better, those that can make people happy, those that can prevent diseases, and those that can make you old quickly. In order to make yourself look younger, we must abandon the food that makes you grow old quickly.

1, trans fat

, these ingredients are everywhere, and make you bored. Excessive intake of trans fat will make the skin look rough and stiff. It is also easy to block and harden arteries and microvessels, making the skin look older. Many creamers, milk teas and cakes contain trans fat. Observe whether the shop where you buy coffee makes coffee with pure milk or makes coffee by yourself.

2, alcohol

alcohol is another culprit of accelerated aging. If you always get drunk, aging will come to you faster. The best choice of drinking, a small amount of dry white or dry red wine can avoid Baili sweet, vodka and so on. It’s hard to give up when you get addicted to alcohol. You might as well use purified water, green tea, herbal tea, probiotics and other drinks when you want to drink. As long as you have the determination, you can give up.

3, caffeine

if you often use coffee to refresh or relieve stress, it may become a new problem. Caffeine can improve work efficiency, but if you take too much (more than 2 cups a day), it can put a burden on your body. First, focus on how you metabolize caffeine, if your metabolism is slow & mdash& mdash; For example, drinking coffee after 4 p.m. can affect night sleep & mdash& mdash; Try to drink it in the morning. Coffee raises the stress hormone cortisol, which goes up when it should go down.

4 and sugar

can attach to proteins in the body and produce advanced glycation end products (ages). These harmful substances can accelerate the deterioration of chronic degenerative diseases and accelerate the aging process of the body. Desserts and drinks contain a lot of sugar, so don’t buy by name; Low sugar & quot; It may contain a lot of sugar. For a refreshing drink, the best choice is black coffee or green tea.

5, energy drinks

energy drinks may change your smile. These drinks can damage the enamel of your teeth eight times as much as soda, making them look unhealthy.

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