Eating these foods makes you healthy and beautiful

Eat these foods to make you healthy and beautiful

eat these foods to make you healthy and beautiful

1, healthy teeth, gums

you need: zinc, coup: drink black tea and green tea.

zinc helps strengthen bones and prevent gum disease. Some people think that tea contains caffeine. If you drink too much tea, your teeth will turn yellow. In fact, this kind of thinking is too much. Under normal circumstances, if you drink a cup of tea a day and brush your teeth on time, it will not cause any harm to your teeth, let alone stain them.

2, create smooth and elastic skin

you need: vitamin E. Trick: eat oats.

oats is one of the real super foods. Oats contain complex carbohydrates, which can meet the body’s energy needs. At the same time, it is also rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber, selenium, calcium and other components, which is helpful to anti-aging. Eating oats often can make your skin full and elastic.

3, hard nails

you need: vitamin D, trick: eat oily fish.

vitamin D is known as & lt; Sunshine & quot; Vitamins, oily fish like salmon and mackerel twice a week, are good for nails. Because oily fish contain & omega- 3 fatty acids, research has found that it can keep the nail bed healthy and accelerate nail growth. Try to add fish to your weekly diet plan to help reduce nail length, spikes or splits.

4, young and healthy figure

you need: vitamin A, trick: eat avocado.

avocado contains good fat, including oleic acid and other components. It is a natural moisturizer. They can help prevent the accumulation of endotoxin in the body and inhibit skin aging and sagging. Avocado is a kind of fat food, which can play an alkalization role in the process of fat decomposition, reduce cholesterol and blood lipid, and protect cardiovascular system.

5, smart eyes

you need: vitamin B12 and lutein, coup: eat eggs.

eggs are rich in nutritional value. In addition to supplementing protein, they can also make you have a pair of bright eyes. Nutrition consultant jemalan said: & lt; Vitamin B12 and lutein in eggs are important sources of keeping eyes bright& rdquo; In the morning to a small plate of tomato scrambled eggs, nutrition and delicious.

6, glossy hair

you need: selenium, trick: eat bananas.

selenium is essential for a smooth and lustrous hair. According to American nutritionists: & lt; This trace element helps promote healthy hair growth& rdquo; Not only do bananas contain selenium, but eating cheese, chicken and nuts is also a good way to supplement selenium.

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