Eating these foods makes you younger!

eat these foods to make your body younger! Lentinus edodes is the first domesticated edible fungus cultivated by Chinese people. It has a long edible history in China. Because of its rich nutrition and delicious taste, it is known as & lt; Lentinus edodes; The king of mushrooms;. Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of Ming Dynasty, often ate this vegetable, and thought it was & lt; Longevity dish & quot;. Experts told reporters that Lentinus edodes & lt; Benefiting qi but not hunger, treating wind and blood, benefiting stomach and helping food;, Folk is often used to treat headache, dizziness. Modern studies have proved that Lentinus edodes can regulate the immune function of human body, reduce the possibility of inducing tumor, and play the role of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

2, kelp reduces blood lipid

& lt; Kelp is indeed a kind of food with high nutritional value& rdquo; Experts told reporters that kelp growing in the sea, is a very high iodine content of algae. Kelp is also rich in crude protein, sugar, calcium, etc., which is several times of spinach and rape. Experts pointed out that sodium alginate in kelp has antihypertensive effect, and also has a certain role in preventing leukemia and bone pain; Kelp starch has the effect of reducing blood lipid, can help prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce cholesterol& ldquo; Cold and soup are common ways to eat, but the spleen and stomach deficiency cold and pregnant women should not eat too much& rdquo; Purslane, also known as wuxingcao and changmingcai, is widely distributed in China. It can be eaten both fresh and dry. It is a kind of good wild vegetable recorded in ancient books. Portulaca oleracea can be fried with shredded meat, and can also be used to make soup with eggs and shredded meat. It is delicious, crisp and tender& ldquo; Besides protein, fat, sugar, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus and iron, Portulaca oleracea has high pharmacological effect& rdquo; Experts said that purslane contains a lot of norepinephrine, potassium, citric acid and malic acid, which can keep blood sugar stable, lower blood pressure and protect the heart.

4, Pteridium antiphlogistic

, also known as Longtou dish and Ruyi dish, is a very common wild vegetable in mountainous areas. Experts say: & lt; A few years ago, I vigorously promoted bracken, which is rich in protein, fat, sugar, minerals and a variety of vitamins, with high nutritional value& rdquo; Pteridin in Pteridium aquilinum has a certain inhibitory effect on bacteria, has good heat clearing and detoxification, sterilization and inflammation effect, and has a certain therapeutic effect on fever, eczema, sore and other diseases& ldquo; When eating, blanch with boiling water to remove astringency. Pteridium aquilinum is cold and cold in nature, and it is not suitable to eat more when the spleen and stomach are deficient and cold& rdquo; Expert tips.

5, grape anti-aging

, tomato anti-oxidation firepower is fierce, grape is not inferior. The antioxidant capacity of anthocyanin glycosides in grape seeds is 20 times that of vitamin C and 50 times that of vitamin E. But as a fruit or drink of grape juice because of its less fermentation process, antioxidant components are much less, the firepower is also much smaller. And the red wine made from grapes, due to fermentation, its antioxidant capacity can be improved, and the firepower is relatively fierce. Therefore, when you eat grapes and drink some red wine, the wrinkles on your face will come later and the signs of skin aging will be much smaller.

6, oleoresin anti-aging

. Oleoresin is also known as niuganguo and yuganguo. The nectarine is rich in nutrition, with vitamin C up to 500 & mdash per 100g fresh flesh; It also contains 16 kinds of amino acids, 16 kinds of trace elements and vitamins. The results showed that the content of vitamin C was high, and it had high stability and high blocking ability to N-nitroso compounds; It contains SOD like active substances, which are rare in fruits and vegetables because of their heat resistance, storage resistance, small molecule penetration, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

7, garlic anti-aging

many people will stay away from garlic because of its taste. But it not only has antioxidant effect, but also can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and help detoxification and weight loss! It contains sulfide with antioxidant reducing effect, not only can effectively reduce cholesterol in the body, but also can prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease. If you really have no feelings for garlic, you might as well eat garlic sprouts, garlic leaves and garlic oil. Also remember that if you drink a glass of milk after eating garlic, the irritating garlic flavor will be gone. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.

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