Eating these foods often is good for health

Eating these foods often is good for health. Eating these foods often is good for health.


is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium, lecithin and vitamin E, which can reduce serum cholesterol.


is rich in zinc and taurine, especially taurine can promote cholesterol decomposition, help to reduce blood lipid levels.


is rich in pectin, cellulose and vitamin C, which has a very good lipid-lowering effect. If you eat two apples a day for a month, most people’s blood LDL-C (harmful to cardiovascular system) will be reduced, while HDL-C, which is beneficial to cardiovascular system, will be increased.


is rich in taurine, which can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in bile; Alginic acid containing food fiber can also inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and promote excretion.


is rich in calcium pectinate, which is excreted from stool after chemical reaction with bile acid. If the body wants to produce bile acids, it will use the cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.


can reduce the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. Eating only 3 garlic per day can effectively reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, increase the beneficial cholesterol and reduce the incidence rate of heart disease.


contains caffeine and tea polyphenols. It has the functions of refreshing, strengthening heart, diuresis and reducing blood fat. Drinking tea often can prevent the increase of cholesterol in the body.


contains more calcium, which can inhibit the activity of cholesterol synthase in the body and reduce the absorption of cholesterol by the body.


is rich in vitamin C, eat more can improve liver detoxification ability, accelerate cholesterol conversion, reduce blood lipid.


people with normal or slightly higher cholesterol level can use almond to replace low nutritional density food in their diet, so as to reduce blood cholesterol and maintain heart health.

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