Eating these for breakfast is equivalent to chronic suicide

Eating these at breakfast is equivalent to chronic suicide. Eating these at breakfast is equivalent to chronic suicide; Breakfast for workers;, It’s a greasy, high-fat food. For most men, it’s especially high in calories. Once the food is fried in high temperature, all kinds of nutrients are seriously damaged.

when you are working, your caloric burn will decrease, and you will find yourself getting fat day by day. According to research: 1 out of 18 people will suffer from cancer due to fried food. According to the world cancer research foundation, the probability of cancer will increase to 63% due to eating a lot of fried food. You can change your daily breakfast to a healthy baked tomato and mushroom toast.

2, sugary cereal

imagine how many people eat sugary cereal every morning? It’s not surprising at all. Its convenience is obvious, if you choose the grain without sugar coating, of course it is good for your health. But in our life, a lot of grains are actually sugar coated. It turns out that you can eat a lot of sugar without knowing it.

excessive sugar will make it more difficult to lose weight, and it will consume your energy. Whenever you work at your desk in the office, you have to refresh yourself with snacks. If you have to choose cereals for breakfast, be sure to check the ingredients of the food. Most of the time, you can see that sugar is used as the second ingredient. Be sure to choose high fiber, low sugar grains.

3 and

muffins are also foods we often eat as breakfast. They can be bought from Deli, sandwich shop or coffee shop, usually because we will be late and take them by the way. This food also contains a large amount of sugar, which can lead to excessive sugar intake. Because muffins are a relatively inexpensive process, they are high in calories, usually more than homemade ones. So don’t be fooled by the so-called low-fat fruit muffin, because it does contain more or less sugar and fat. If you like muffins, make them at home!

4, doughnut and cheese

as breakfast food, doughnut is also an unhealthy food, ordinary doughnut is not terrible, at most is the food after frying process, but it often contains sugar and carbohydrates. They both cause insulin to rise rapidly to its highest level, and once you combine it with cheese, the amount of saturated fat and calories in the food will increase dramatically. The healthiest way is to choose some wheat bagels and cheese with nuts and butter as the main ingredients, while still keeping energetic all day. A pancake is usually a mixture of flour, eggs, milk and butter. This combination is almost a complete whole milk. Flour is a simple carbohydrate, which can be broken down quickly and cause the rapid rise of insulin. At this time, fresh fruit must be used. Once your blood sugar soars to the highest value, the calorie content is also the highest.

if you like pancakes, avoid the box and try to eat them with pure cheese or vanilla sauce. Generally, this is the best breakfast food on the menu.

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