Eating tomatoes is taboo?

Eating tomatoes is taboo?

eating tomato is taboo?

tomato is a well-known health food. Eating it can not only prevent cancer and anti-aging, but also contain lycopene, which can resist atherosclerosis, antioxidant damage and protect vascular endothelium. It also has strong antioxidant function, which can prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. However, such delicious and healthy food, but also to eat taboo Oh!

1, taking heparin, bicoumarin and other anticoagulant drugs should not eat

, tomatoes contain more vitamin K. Vitamin K: its main function is to catalyze the synthesis of prothrombin and thromboplastin in the liver. The minimum requirement of vitamin K for dogs is 30ug / kg body weight. When vitamin K is insufficient, the clotting time is prolonged due to the restriction of prothrombin synthesis, resulting in subcutaneous and muscle bleeding.

2. It is not suitable to eat with cucumber

. Cucumber contains a vitamin C decomposing enzyme, which will destroy vitamin C in other vegetables. Tomato is rich in vitamin C. if they are eaten together, it will not achieve the effect of supplementary nutrition.

3, immature and unfit to eat

green tomatoes contain alkaloid glycosides (solanine), which are needle like crystals, very stable to alkalinity, but can be hydrolyzed by acid. Therefore, immature green tomatoes often feel uncomfortable, light mouth feel bitter, serious when there will be poisoning. Especially when green tomatoes begin to rot, solanine will be destroyed. And green tomatoes turn red, it does not contain solanine.

4. It is not suitable to eat on an empty stomach. 6667

tomatoes contain a lot of soluble astringents and other ingredients, which react with gastric acid and condense into insoluble lumps. These lumps may block the pyloric outlet of the stomach, causing gastrointestinal fullness, pain and other discomfort symptoms. After eating tomatoes, because gastric acid has been mixed with many foods, its concentration is not big, will not react with the above colloid, so it does not matter.

5, weak stomach should not eat more

, traditional Chinese medicine believes that tomatoes are cold, weak stomach eat more tomatoes harmful to the body. Therefore, patients with acute gastroenteritis, acute bacillary dysentery and ulcerative disease should not eat temporarily to avoid aggravating the disease.

6. It is not suitable to eat after long-term heating and cooking

. After long-term heating and cooking, lycopene will lose its original nutrition and taste, because lycopene is easy to decompose when exposed to light, heat and oxygen, thus losing its health care function. Therefore, cooking should avoid long-term high temperature heating.

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